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Personal Experience: Portable Car Mini-washers


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Video: Personal Experience: Portable Car Mini-washers

Video: Personal Experience: Portable Car Mini-washers
Video: My New Best Choice Mini Portable Washing Machine 2023, March
Personal Experience: Portable Car Mini-washers
Personal Experience: Portable Car Mini-washers

I wanted something universal, capable of washing even a very dirty car, while maximum autonomy and not too large dimensions are desirable.

Having outstripped all my friends, I tried completely different devices in business, and I decided to collect the results of this “testing” into a single report and decide which, after all, is better.

Microwashings - low pressure

All products can be divided into three groups. The first, let's call it “microwash”, is low-power models with a separate capacity, working from the cigarette lighter. There are two options: with a spray and with a brush.

The Snapper model with a spray is similar to a children's water gun. The source of water, a plastic bottle, attaches to the bottom. The jet of water from the nozzle is thin and sluggish, you can wash the car with such an assistant for a very long time …

In models of compact mini-sinks of the Compact series, water seeps onto the bristles of the brush, which is proposed to wash off the dirt. But the weak pressure of the water allows only to soak the dust, and then for a long and painful attempt to erase it from the body.

In general, “micro-washing” is a useless thing. They are not even suitable for dusting, not to mention the elimination of more serious pollution.

Karcher - high pressure

The second group is the exact opposite of the previous ones - the so-called high-pressure mini-sinks, popularly known as Karcher. But it is not only the company with the same name that produces them.

There are no complaints about the quality of work. A powerful jet, it can knock a person down, usually there are expensive nozzles for different types of work in the kit or for sale, such sinks can be used not only to clean the car body, but also to water the area, clean paths, and wash the walls of the house. This is all very relevant for owners of suburban real estate.

But even here there were some shortcomings. After all, mini-washers must be connected to a 220V network and main water supply. To a city resident to extend an extension cord and a hose from an apartment even on the second floor, not to mention the higher ones, is a difficult task. Yes, and in the country, where there is no water supply, the use of such a sink is unrealistic. Karcher consumes about 300 liters of water per hour, and about 150 liters will be spent on washing a small car of average pollution. Bringing 15 buckets of water by hand is a good alternative to fitness, but not everyone is ready for it.

So, such a household mini-sink is only suitable for use by a resident of his own country house within the site with all communications.



Generation Smart Washer - Portable Assistant

The third group, portable mini-washers, is currently represented by the Smart Washer series, from the BERKUT trademark, Russia. These devices are a cross between the two previous groups. Moreover, only positive qualities were taken from them. From the “microwash” - 12 volt power from the car’s cigarette lighter, small size, moderate water consumption and independence from the water supply. From high-pressure mini-washers - a powerful pressure of water that allows you to bring down dried up dirt, a wide range of operating modes (from a concentrated jet that hits 5 meters to a dust cloud) and the possibility of widespread use for domestic purposes.

The main advantage of Smart Washer sinks is the combination of work efficiency and independence from stationary power supplies. That is, these devices can be used everywhere - both in the city yard, and in the country, and even in nature. Say, wash your ATV or bike after traveling through the woods. And with a field car wash there are no complaints about portable models! Only three buckets of water are spent on washing a medium-sized SUV, which is pretty muddy. This is with washing discs and wheel arches. Water can be drawn into the included container from any source, even from a puddle. Thanks to the filter system, Smart Washer is not afraid of sand and mud. Moreover, a clogged filter will not disable the washing, just the water supply will decrease or stop completely. To restore operability, it is enough to clean the filter from dirt.



There are four models in the series, the same in quality of work, but different in execution. The most compact version, SW-C1, looks like a rugby ball 320x220x270 mm in size (actually the water pump itself). The kit includes flat round bags: hoses and a spray nozzle in one, a soft 15-liter transformer bucket in the other. For small cars - what you need: each element does not take up much space, and everything can be distributed into different places in the trunk or in the passenger compartment.

Model SW-C2 is the same “rugby ball”, but with an attached stand under the bucket, where it is convenient to fold the hose and the spray gun for storage. The dimensions of the sink itself increase, but we get rid of the suction hose: there is a water intake valve in the stand.



The third modification of the Smart Washer SW-15 mini-washer is a 15-liter plastic tank with an integrated compressor. A wide neck allows you to quickly fill the tank even from a reservoir, even from a tap, and the wheels will facilitate the movement of a full tank on a flat surface.

But the most interesting model is the SW-17A cordless mini-sink. It is fully autonomous. This product consists of two halves: the top is a quick-detachable water tank and the bottom is where the pump itself and the 4 A / h battery are built-in. This is enough for a couple of full sinks or an hour of continuous operation. Moreover, SW-17A also has the ability to work from the cigarette lighter. The water tank is disconnected, so that when replenishing the liquid, you do not have to carry excess weight in the form of an electric pump and battery.

Another advantage of Smart Washer sinks is its versatility in comparison with other options. With their help, you can not only wash the car and clean the dirt from the paths on a suburban area. These devices can be used as a very economical field shower; they will easily and without damage wash garden equipment, shoes, bicycles, and the like, which are not recommended for too high a pressure of water. And the children will be just happy, using Smart Washer spray guns as powerful but safe water guns.

Mini washing the Golden Eagle of the Smart Washer series, as practice has shown, is the best option for a motorist. Real mobility, efficiency, variety of applications - these are just the things that, for example, are necessary for me, as a car owner.

I managed to buy a mini sink in a company online store.

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