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Inspection: Regulations For The Legalization Of Bribes


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Inspection: Regulations For The Legalization Of Bribes
Inspection: Regulations For The Legalization Of Bribes

New TRP Regulation


We also got a “window” for discussion. At the request of ZR. RU, journalists from the Za Rulem publishing house, working in the regions, spoke about the situation with the TRP.

Izhevsk: for a bottle of cognac

- In the capital of Udmurtia, a single station has been carrying out inspection for many years, but it is also enough. If you guess the day and hour, the owner of a working machine will receive a ticket within forty minutes. When it gets to rush hour, it will stand in line from morning to lunch, but not longer. The service station also works on Saturday. In a word, not a disaster. However, many people prefer the coupon "get", the dachshund - from a bottle of brandy. Inexpensive: tidy up a running car more expensive.

Alexander Lapiner

Samara: people in uniform - under control

In the city, queues accumulated before the May holidays, and after them, 2-3 cars were in front of the gates of the service station. Nevertheless, most Samara drivers “pass” the TRP “in absentia”. The price has not increased this year - the ticket costs 1.5–2 thousand rubles. In the districts of the region you can get it "for that" - enough acquaintance with the right people.

Young people like the abolition of the TRP - they say they don’t have to spend money on bribes. Many interlocutors are sure: the relevance of the inspection is falling because the decrepit cars are still eliminated, some are being repaired … However, the majority of those who spoke with are categorically against the abolition of the TRP! It is believed that it should be carried out under the strict control of non-corrupt institutions, even if they are people in uniform, but in no case are businessmen.

Lyudmila Zolina

New TRP Regulation


Rostov: laughter screening

I share the position of those who are against any form of inspection - despite the fact that there are no queues at Rostov points of the TRP. Because, probably, no, honestly few who go through the procedure with cars are in order.

But even with a working car you can’t always pass the test “on the go”. The mechanic of one of the points shared: if the controller wants to "slow down", he will always be able to. For example, it will find that the angle of the headlight beam deviated half a degree against the norm … So the people line up behind the welcome ticket from the back door. And then on the roads we meet cars smoking, rumbling, screeching - dangerous for everyone. I agree with the employee of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate for the Rostov Region R. Fathutdinov: it is necessary to toughen the punishment for vehicle owners for accidents that occurred due to a technical malfunction of their cars. The experience of some countries has proven that this is an effective measure.

Vyacheslav Ishkildin

New TRP Regulation


Tyumen: tradition against fiction

Passing the TRP in the city is not difficult - in Tyumen there are several public and private points. You pay tax, about 250 rubles. for services, and if the car is working, you get a ticket. In all cases, service stations are located near the points in which the detected malfunction will be eliminated.

I suspect that queues do not arise due to the fact that so many buy inspection tickets. In Tyumen, more than half of the cars are right-hand drive, and they will not pass inspection if the lights are not converted to Euro light. Only a few remake - the majority prefers to buy coupons.

The TRP, in my opinion, is a fiction and additional problems for respectable citizens. In Russia, drivers always took care of their cars, looked after them, since the car remained the only one for life and was even inherited. The tradition has been preserved, and many cars are in excellent or good working condition. Inspection can be safely canceled.

Dmitry Khodyrev

Grandma about bribes

These are not just the thoughts of four people. Our colleagues spoke with many dozens of people, so they reflected the opinions prevailing in four not the smallest regions of the country. Most are for the abolition of the TRP. And this coincides with the meaning of the absolute majority of comments on the material on our website “Inspection by Medvedev: and the costly side of the coin” (and these comments are from various regions).

The Duma took a pause, and I want to hope that the deputies will take into account the views of motorists and will not do it “as always”. Take into account the thoughts of readers ZR. RU: the announced changes to the rules of the TRP will not simplify the life of car owners, the costs are likely to increase. And as for the elimination of bribes - this is what the grandmother said in two: the requisitions will take an even more hidden form - they will be, as it were, legalized.

Silence of the Lambs

Popular opinion is a fallacy - it happens. And what does a specialist with expert assessments think about the proposed adjustments in the TRP? ZR. RU correspondent interviewed Chairman of the All-Russian Public Movement of Motorists of Russia Viktor Pokhmelkin.

Victor Pohmelkin


- Viktor Valerievich, what advantages do you see in the new TRP regulations?

- It will not be necessary to carry out inspection in the first three years of the car - well (I wonder why they introduced such an order only now?), They removed from the inspection the Ministry of Internal Affairs - thanks too. But to make the TRP “hassle-free”, as Medvedev suggested, will fail in the framework of the proposed scheme. I will say more, if until now OSAGO policies were received without hassle, then under the proposed conditions it would not do without it. The TRP will be accompanied by the imposition of services in one form or another. We already went through something similar: remember, evacuation with us has long been free for car owners. So at the fine parking they thought of writing out bills for entering the gate, parking on the territory. It will be the same now: inspection - so much, but entry, body wash, and there, you look, and the bottom - for a fee. And further: the brake pads are "ending", it is urgent to install new ones; the oil should not be added, but completely replaced - it is so dirty. And the bill for inspection will increase … If the service station and the insurers did not feel that they could profit from it, they would have already protested about the role they proposed. And so, like the lambs, they are silent.

But, if you want, through these tests for motorists everything leads to the inevitable - the abolition of state inspection.

One defendant in court

- Sure?

- Yes, because the moans will go all over Russia, and not just in Moscow, and the authorities cannot fail to hear them. Two options remain: either to return to the previous scheme, which compromised itself, or to appoint the owner himself as the sole responsible person for the technical condition of the car. Plus, include market incentives: suppose if an accident occurs for purely technical reasons, the next CTP policy for the culprit will rise, say, one and a half times.

“But since the GTO will carry out technical services, they are also responsible for the condition of the machines.” Should their “goodness” be regarded as a guarantee?

- This is a fiction. As soon as the car leaves the gates of the station, all guarantees become void - the service station will refuse them, including in court. You never know what could happen on the road! The driver will almost never prove that it is not he who is guilty, because it is he who is obliged to monitor the condition of the car tomorrow and a month later. De facto, now only the driver remains the person in charge. The only option for him is to sign an agreement with the station for regular maintenance of the car, as happens during the warranty period for new equipment. And this for the owner entails a very significant increase in operating costs. And I missed another MOT - I lost the guarantee unconditionally.

New TRP Regulation

Госдума неожиданно взяла паузу перед обсуждением поправок в регламент государственного техосмотра. Решила в «седьмой раз отмерить» - чтобы все-таки «отрезать» ГТО?
Госдума неожиданно взяла паузу перед обсуждением поправок в регламент государственного техосмотра. Решила в «седьмой раз отмерить» - чтобы все-таки «отрезать» ГТО?

The State Duma unexpectedly took a break before discussing amendments to the regulations of the state inspection. I decided to “measure it out for the seventh time” - to still “cut off” the TRP? The State Duma unexpectedly took a break before discussing amendments to the regulations of the state inspection. I decided to “measure it out for the seventh time” - to still “cut off” the TRP?

Pays the same

- Victor Valerievich, let's look for positive aspects. For example, with the new order, the need to pay bribes to those who conduct technical inspections will disappear …

- Bribes will take on a veiled form. Entrepreneurs at technical services, in order not to lose customers, will turn a blind eye to many things. What will get away with them: insurance companies will never require, for example, diagnostic cards taken from electronic devices. If only because they still do not understand anything in them. And if they hire specialists, then this is additional expenses for their salary and tax payments, organization of jobs for specialists, most likely, new equipment … Who should compensate for these expenses? Of course, to policyholders.

And then, regarding indirect bribes: I won’t be surprised if services with a “special regime” for the TRP appear and unscrupulous people reach for them. It is necessary to exclude the very possibility.

To reach "after the election"?

“But, perhaps, if the State Duma approves the amendments that have already been announced these days, it’s for the better - thanks to the new rigors, the general technical condition of the country's fleet will improve?”

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