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Inspection On Medvedev: And The Costly Side Of The Coin


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Video: Inspection On Medvedev: And The Costly Side Of The Coin

Video: Inspection On Medvedev: And The Costly Side Of The Coin
Video: Как ДАНИИЛ МЕДВЕДЕВ заставил говорить о себе весь мир? 2023, March
Inspection On Medvedev: And The Costly Side Of The Coin
Inspection On Medvedev: And The Costly Side Of The Coin

New TRP Model


Practices versus Analysts

Before one o'clock in the afternoon at a press conference in Skolkovo, Dmitry Medvedev answered the question about a new model of state inspection, and at three o’clock RIA-Novosti conveyed the words of the head of the State Duma Transport Committee Sergey Shishkarev: everything is ready for the prompt adoption of the model!

Sergey Shishkarev, Chairman of the State Duma Commission


- The bill will pass the second reading in the State Duma next Friday, May 20. Until June 1, we will pass the bill to the Federation Council and expect that by June 12 the president will sign it.

Some media outlets reacted immediately to the news - they began to discuss the “reverse side of the coin”. Money issues. The first suspicion: insurance companies, having received the function “command the parade”, will not the cost of compulsory insurance contracts increase? Second: what will the TRP cost in a new way?

The discussion was exclusively attended by observers, economists and public figures. Almost all agreed: yes, both will rise in price.

The editors of ZR. RU decided not to seek the truth through intermediaries, but to turn directly to those from whom they expect a threat of higher prices.

Reason to rise in price - risk

“There can be only one reason for increasing tariffs for insurance services - increasing the risk of insurance events,” said Denis Makarov, head of the department of compulsory insurance methodology at Alfa Insurance. - In this case, I do not see any connection between the delegation of the SC powers to conduct the TRP and the increased risks. Therefore, I will not recommend to the managers of our company to raise tariffs for compulsory motor liability insurance.

New TRP Model


Head of the information department of the insurance company "Paris" Nadezhda Yakovleva:

- When Medvedev first mentioned the possibility of transferring responsibility for inspection to the UK, we began to sort out whether this would cause an increase in our technological costs or other overhead costs. They agreed that there is no reason to raise tariffs for compulsory motor liability insurance. Another thing is that the requirements for the condition of the machines will certainly increase, and with this the costs and chores of those who used to buy technical standards for “buckets with nuts”. But is it necessary to be indignant about this? We all care about how children breathe and how safe people are on the road.

“On the circle” - more expensive

Senior Manager of U-Service Andrey Emelyanov:

- “The cost” of the “at the circle” state inspection ticket, indeed, may slightly increase. According to established practice, insurance companies cooperate with trusted technical service companies. In most cases, by authorized dealers or simply well-equipped service stations. Both of them work on expensive equipment, using advanced technologies, use original, and not cheap counterfeit spare parts, the staff is specially trained. Such services, of course, are more expensive than those of "Uncle Vasya in the garage." And it is clear that, being bound by responsibility to insurance companies (including financially), they will not “miss” a ten-year-old car in responsible car services.

To the question of the correspondent of ZR. RU whether the specialized car-care centers will block the barrier in front of “non-core” cars, including domestic brands, Andrei Emelyanov answered no. Specialized service stations employ highly skilled craftsmen who can detect and fix almost any problem on any machine.

Will we take bribes into account?

When you are confronted with the fact that you will have to pay a little more for the service than before, the first reaction is discontent. But let's wait for the second reaction: maybe this service costs so much? How much does own safety and the safety of others on the road cost? And if you take into account the amount that was spent on bribes, it turns out that the new tariffs are not overpayment at all? Say that the bribes were justified by the fact that they wanted to avoid the hassle, humiliation and not to kill time in lines? The developers of the bill also thought about this.

New TRP Model


Will begin with an amnesty

The Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Transport, Sergey Shishkarev, clarified what specifically provides for the new procedure for holding the TRP.

It is supposed to declare an amnesty for a technical inspection for the period until the expiration of the CTP policy. That is, if the MTPL agreement, concluded, for example, in December 2011, ends in January 2012, the driver will be able to drive without fear of a fine for an expired TRP coupon.

“This is a respectful step towards citizens who have suffered from the procedure of passing inspection,” the deputy said. At the same time, he expressed hope for the consciousness of citizens who know about the malfunctions of their car - they cannot be hidden. In addition to the responsibility of technical centers that conducted the TRP, lawmakers also introduce joint and several liability of drivers for malfunctions in the car that caused the accident.

Tariffs will be held back by state control

Other innovations:

  • At first, car owners will continue to issue TRP coupons; they will have to be presented to insurance companies. Later, electronic document management will be introduced, and data on the passage of the TRP will be entered into the database. Then the coupons will be canceled.
  • From January 1, 2012, the driver will not need to present the TRP ticket to traffic inspectors. A certificate of passing inspection will be the insurance policy.
  • From the moment the updated law comes into force, car owners will not be tied to the region or municipality - the right to go through the TRP in any technical center of the country will appear.
  • Technical centers authorized to conduct the TRP will be accredited. Certificates authorized to issue the Union of Russian auto insurers. The development of accreditation rules is entrusted to the Ministry of Economic Development.

The head of the State Duma committee Sergei Shishkarev did not rule out that with the entry into force of the updated law, tariffs for the TRP will rise to 1.5–3 thousand rubles.

  • To prevent maintenance prices from rising significantly, the Federal Tariff Service has been given the right to set marginal tariffs. Regional administrations will be able to correct them, but only downward.
  • The bill provides a mechanism for protecting car owners from abuse during the inspection procedure. At any stage of the TRP, the driver will be able to refuse the services of a technical center that is already carrying out the procedures, and move to another if he realizes that extra services are being imposed on him.
  • If it was still not possible to file a lawsuit regarding the improper conduct of the TRP and receive compensation, now joint liability is being put into practice: if the insurance company proves that the TH procedure was carried out in violation of the regulations or was carried out negligently, and this caused an accident, the technical center will suffer a responsibility.

Insurers will take turns

One of the key players in the new vehicle inspection model is the Russian Union of Auto Insurers. Among his tasks is to eliminate the queues at the TRP points.

After a request from ZR. RU, the editorial office received a comment from the head of the RSA, Pavel Bunin.

Pavel Bunin, President of RSA


The transfer to the SAR of the functions of organizing inspection in the country is completely logical, he said. The Union of Auto Insurers has all the capabilities to create a convenient and efficient system, and it is important that insurance companies are interested in reducing accidents due to technical malfunctions of cars.

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