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Chromosomal Attack: Protection Against Theft


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Video: Chromosomal Attack: Protection Against Theft

Video: Chromosomal Attack: Protection Against Theft
Video: The Mathematics Used to Solve Crime 2023, March
Chromosomal Attack: Protection Against Theft
Chromosomal Attack: Protection Against Theft



What models are at risk, where and how are they in danger of parting with the owner? About this - in the first article of our new "anti-theft" series.

Having rolled to the stop line, the Elk turned on the neutral and, removing his hands from the steering wheel, straightened his stiff back. Still not knowing that there will not be another fast start. More precisely, it will be, but already without it. It all happened in a matter of moments: a sudden, wild pain in the hand, then someone, grabbing him by the left motor-bot, threw it over the motorcycle, after a couple of seconds he howled the motor, and, after blowing with an elastic stream of exhaust gases the owner standing on the shafts, “Fire” by the singing English “bye-ba-a-a-a-a-ah!” said goodbye to him forever …

It is unlikely that you will describe in words the gamut of feelings experienced by a biker deprived of his beloved motorcycle - especially in this way. At first, shock and prostration, smoothly turning into impotent rage and despair … However, a lump in the throat and trembling knees (and sometimes fainting) are also provided to someone who, in anticipation of cheerful interception in the company of friends, sees a void in the open yawn of the garage door. Instead of a moto, which I saved for years. And if you didn’t even save up - there are those who have enough of a monthly salary for a brand new Japanese "liter" - moral damage will not go anywhere, and often it is experienced more sharply than material. Can you call the lucky one left without wheels, but with a CASCO policy in your pocket? After all, paperwork even in the right insurance company is unlikely to take less than a month, and you will receive money at best in the high season, when dealers usually have only unpopular models. Until the device ordered from the European warehouse arrives, and while you carefully roll it in, autumn will drizzle with rains … In short, theft is an absolute evil, to combat which you must mobilize all your knowledge and skills on “life safety”. In our country, the counteraction to car thieves is well covered - hundreds of articles and books thoroughly describe the work methods of the abductors, the structure of their groups, calculated the likelihood of theft of a car equipped with one or another security system, immobilizer or mechanical lock. And in tests, experts determine the resistance of a particular protection - usually in seconds. But is it possible to apply all this science against motorcycle hijackers? In part, yes. However, there are fundamental differences in approaches. So…

Even a superficial analysis of hijacking statistics, and even more so, thoroughly combing forums on the Web, where people share the grief of losing their favorite bikes, show that almost any motorcycle is at risk: a new, old, imported, domestic … They’re driven from shells guarded by multi-storey garages, from parking lots in front of offices with security personnel at the gates … That is, about the logic and predictability of the actions of the authors, choosing less secure objects and not showing interest, for example, to Citroens, pickups, typically female cars, and many others It’s not worth dreaming about for cars of limited demand - specialists on two wheels will take everything away. They are not confused by the originality of the exterior of the object, its particularly noticeable tuning, because often they stole motorbikes for years without numbers and documents, taking advantage of the inaccessibility for patrol DPS cars due to two to three times superior dynamics. There is no analogy with the groups of "junkers" that they take the "Lada" and "trade winds" of the year before last to disassemble for parts - the mass character or, conversely, the rarity of the motorcycle model is not significant. Even the only one in Russia with the unknown Chinese emblem will be stolen from you with pleasure, from which, with a strong desire, you can pick up only some of the fasteners. And the abductors of the pioneer category in the motorcycle sector are not the same as in the automotive sector - they do not shy away from the top models of the highest price range for fear of retaliation from their tough owners and, if the opportunity presents itself, they drive such cars with no less success than professionals. Using instead of expensive scanners and hydraulic special tools two or three human forces for loading the trophy into the car. Of course, not in a toned minibus-foreign car, like a pro, but in some kind of rattletower. Moreover, it is possible in the car, throwing the front wheel into the trunk. The robbery described above, when a cut of reinforcement or a bat causes a distracting blow to unprotected shin inserts or a shoulder, is also not a sign of high skill. Like robbery, when threatening with something that looks like a trunk (or maybe really fighting) they take the key to the motorcycle and calmly leave. However, secret theft, that is, theft, is much more likely to be discovered openly - it is not for nothing that hijackers-performers on professional slang are called "sorcerers", unlike other members of criminal groups involved in covering up, selling and legalizing the kidnapped. Thus, it is much better to assess the likelihood of a motorcycle hijacking not by statistics on brands, parking spots and levels of technical protection applied in a particular case, but by a clear idea of the hijackers' motivation factors. To some extent, the situation resembles the story of automobile wipers twenty years ago. Physical insecurity + motive (deficit) = theft. Nationwide. WHY hijack motorcycles? And is it possible to turn this “why” into “no reason”?

"Professionals" are the most qualified specialists, usually in large cities, who work always on order. That is, the motive of the performers in this case is not interesting to us - this is a banal business. But the customers are worthy of close study. Doesn’t it seem strange to you that a well-to-do guest in the capital, who has influential parents and Kumov’s connections in law enforcement agencies in his small homeland who can drive away with impunity to a vehicle that is charmed by someone else’s bike, doesn’t just offer to buy it from the owner? And, in general, the price of even the most expensive motorcycle at the dealer plus the cost of the coolest tuning - a mere trifle against, for example, a brand new jeep - usually the client already has this kind. Please note: in the practice of car thieves, power grabbing is usually used when the object is especially expensive (from $ 100, 000), it is powerfully protected, and the presence of the owner (already former) in the trunk - with all its spare trinkets and chip cards - greatly simplifies the matter. The ceiling of a mob of robbers - from a force of $ 5, 000. For someone, this amount is enough to cripple, or even kill - in the province there are hijackings with a fatal outcome. But self-interest is not the only and not the main reason. The latter is much deeper, and the customer himself may not be fully aware. “Take it away!” I, and not he, should ride in such a car”- there’s something like this. Surprisingly, about the same intangible motive can be traced among hijackers of the category of "punks", who steal what is called for themselves. Otherwise, how to explain that in large numbers they are taking away the focussed 10-15-year-old "Japanese women"? Far from large-cubed, with a bunch of technical problems and a market price of a couple thousand cu Yes, for free, of course, it’s always better than for the money, but the main thing is, again, the AMEN. Psychologists call this "sociopathic youth self-actualization." It is curious that its manifestation in the form of hijacking of means of transport has been known for centuries - the sworn enemies of the peasants have always been horse thieves. But by no means adult romals who traded honestly reared horses, namely young animals - in order to demonstrate to the ancestors their maturity and obtain permission to marry, they had to get their own horse. Today, no one is proving anything to their “shoelaces”, but hanging out in front of their peers is a sweet thing.

Thus, the seeming randomness and unsystematic choice of objects by motorcycle racers, and sometimes even the senselessness of theft itself, have a completely scientific explanation, based on the phenomenon of dominant male aggression. We live according to a genetically laid program, and one of its most important points - in fact, the meaning of life - is the desire to defeat our own kind. After all, powerful motorcycles and chic females (yachts, horses, money, power - you can continue the list yourself) - this is all secondary. Since it is not of special value, being with the others too. And the struggle for possession and victory over competitors - the same carriers of the male Y-chromosome - is primary. However, civilized people, in addition to the program, have commandments. For example, "Do not steal." True, lovers recall the commandments, probably only when they exchange the sixth dozen. In youth, their actions are controlled, mainly, by the animal component of the personality.

The external attractiveness of a motorcycle, which has become in recent decades almost the main goal of designers and designers, greatly increases the risk of theft. The mesmerizing futurism of sportbikes, the sheen of chrome on choppers and cruisers - even a respectable buyer, these things tempt. What can I say about those who enjoy the resistance of the victim … Flaunting with a knee protruding in a bend, making a wheelie, or simply gently softly flanking along the boardwalk under the “vacuum” whistle of a row of “fours” or the bass snort of V-tween - you know, at any such moment you Dozens of envious eyes look. (And is it not for the sake of this that you, in fact, bought a motorcycle?) A spectacular appearance of a biker in a bad place and at a bad time can become a trigger that triggers the mechanism of future hijacking. Does this remind you of anything? On the topic of horse-stealing already mentioned … The plot is from the school curriculum. There were no motorcycles at the time of Lermontov, so the horse became the top of the love triangle. When there are two Dzhigits, and the object of their fiery passion is only one, theft is logical and inevitable. Like a shot from a gun hanging on the wall in the first act of the play. Are you ready to share the fate of Kazbich, who is going crazy with grief for loss, when Azamat races with rapture of happiness to the sound of hooves in the silence of the moonlit gorge? Or, in modern terms, unscrews the "trigger" under the flickering lights of the night avenue. Yes, Likhody knows that there are only three such models in their city, and the stolen beauty painted by an airbrush is unique in general. And that her master with a gang of scumbags, scouring the entire district, sooner or later … But it will be tomorrow. Perhaps the merchants of the Mercedes are really cold-blooded, like robots, and, working under cover of night, think about the rate of return and other accounting things. With motorcycles - say, with liter sportbikes, everything is much simpler - they are driven away under the influence, in fact, of an erection state …

There is an opinion that if such a rude animal seriously laid eyes on your motif, then any anti-theft means are useless, and only full price insurance will be a consolation. Not true - the armor is inferior to the projectile only if a professional takes up the matter. But there is a super armor on it - securely hide the motorcycle in case of a threat. True, you have to walk (drive) until the end of the season, and there they will forget about you. Still decided to spend the summer in the saddle? Then you have to watch. Around the clock. Using lateral vision, not only during rearrangements in the stream, but also stopping even for a few seconds. The door of a neighboring car opened - immediately turn our head. Why does this person get out of the car if the green comes on soon? Oh, and there’s the second … And what is it in his hand? First gear, gas, and you have already advanced five meters forward, watching the suspicious types in the mirror. It's okay if you had to leave the stop line - sometimes you can. The main weapon of any criminal is the effect of surprise, because when he is busy exclusively with YOU, while you are dreaming, you are in the clouds. The sucker is on guard - that’s it, today’s day is not lucky among sorcerers, they won’t try to catch up with you by car. A failed attempt is your chance. But you still have to part with the movie. We break away from the “tail” - the benefit is the specific power allows - and, putting off all matters, we get out of the city along an arbitrarily chosen highway. After flying a hundred or two hundred kilometers, we turn off at any lane you like and, having reached some remote village, we agree on a stay with the owner of the first suitable barn. We do everything quickly, without attracting too much attention, that is, immediately offering an amount excluding the possibility of failure. Having hidden our treasure, we go out on foot, but not onto the route we were driving along, but onto another (we may have to stomp about thirty kilometers through the forest), and there we already catch a car to the city. And no memoirs with the name of the village - everything is in my head. Then we will find the den closer to the house - according to the same principle of the lack of connections with the owner’s biography.

Say, I’ve scribbled fiction, and no one will do that? Maybe. But keep in mind: this is the only way to shame a specialist, even if he is of the highest qualification. Imagine - a superprofile, saving a reputation, buys the right bike of the same color in the cabin, and dims it exactly like it was on a disappeared without a trace - just not to disgrace yourself before the customer … The owner of the hidden motorcycle wins time, hoping that the next in spring, only “pioneers” will do it. And against them it is already quite possible to develop a whole defense strategy. About which we will describe in detail in the following articles.

LOSS STATISTICS. It so happened that motorcycles are traditionally considered neither valuable property nor a full-fledged vehicle in our country. Therefore, detailed statistics on theft by make and model, as with cars, does not exist in principle. Thank you at least for the fact that recently began to separate scooters, motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles. But even from this meager information, one can make an unambiguous conclusion: they steal everything! With some specifics, of course.

For example, a wide range of “scooters” can only attract yard “intellectuals” and other marginalized people. Nobody needs even parts! There are usually two options with them: the first is “give-it-clean-ride-kid”, the second - for colormet. Therefore, unlike the multimillion-strong army of “basins”, “gases” and “azlyks”, domestic motorcycles are rare guests in the category of announcements of the category “guard, stole”. And the farther, the less often.

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