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Anti-Theft Bugs


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Video: Anti-Theft Bugs

Video: Anti-Theft Bugs
Video: Bugs Theft Auto 4 2023, March
Anti-Theft Bugs
Anti-Theft Bugs

Block mobile "Andromeda" T-06N "Hope"

Блок мобильный «Андромеда» Т-06Н «Надежда»
Блок мобильный «Андромеда» Т-06Н «Надежда»

Block mobile Andromeda T-06N Nadezhda Block mobile Andromeda T-06N Nadezhda

So similar …

So, the autonomous search devices of three domestic manufacturers, outwardly similar to each other and to the matchbox, came to our test. Inside, however, are not matches, but electronic filling, consisting of GPS and GSM blocks. The first determines the coordinates of the car by satellites, the second transfers them to the owner's phone in the form of SMS. The blocks are completely autonomous, run on batteries for years and do not require any connections to the car's on-board network. And you have to pay only to the mobile operator for SMS-ki.

It is very difficult for an attacker to find such a box hidden in the bowels of a car, even if he is armed with a scanner: a bug emits a short signal only every few hours. Moreover, the owner himself can use the response SMS to configure the interval of contact. On this, the similarity of devices ends and the nuances begin …

So different…

We examined in detail each of the three “bug-beacons” and found many differences that make it possible to make an informed choice in favor of one or another option. We will not argue that any of them is definitely better or worse. As always, a certain compromise is embodied in each.

Mobile block Andromeda T-06N Nadezhda (in the title picture)

The claimed manufacturer NTKF "Sea-Nord", St. Petersburg

Estimated price 8500 rub.

This product differs from rivals by the presence of a built-in accelerometer. The idea of the developers is to allow the unit to doze off without consuming the battery, in case the thieves hid the car in a box where signals from satellites and cellular communications do not reach. "Hope" will fall asleep (but not die!) Until the moment when the accelerometer does not record the beginning of motion. It can happen even in a year. The unit wakes up, calculates the coordinates and sends a message to the owner. In a normal situation, the device does not send SMS, therefore, if you want to continuously monitor the machine, you must always activate “Hope” with commands from the phone.

The presence of a motion sensor imposed restrictions on the installation of the box: it should not only “see” the satellites (that is, not be covered with metal parts of the body on top), but also should be positioned in a certain way relative to the longitudinal axis of the car. In other words, a suitable place to install will still have to look.

In addition to the current coordinates, SMS also informs the speed and direction of movement, the remaining battery life in days of work. The unit is powered by a single 3-volt AA lithium battery. The five-digit PIN code required to control the device is set by the manufacturer and engraved on the case, so you will not forget.

Standalone Search Device SOBR-Chip 01

Standalone Search Device SOBR-Chip 01

Автономное поисковое устройство SOBR-Chip 01
Автономное поисковое устройство SOBR-Chip 01

Autonomous search SOBR-Chip 01 device Autonomous search SOBR-Chip 01 device

The declared manufacturer "UltraStar"

Estimated price 5600 rub.

According to the characteristics and structure of messages, this unit is similar to SOBR, but has a built-in microphone that allows not only to receive SMS with coordinates, but also to listen to the interior of the car. To activate this mode, a special command is provided. The device allows you to approximately estimate the location of the car by the code of the cellular station (in the absence of receiving GPS signals), can communicate not only with the owner’s phone, but also directly with the GPRS server, but the main feature is the ability to integrate into the alarm system through a special adapter (purchased separately).

Then you can immediately receive an alarm message when an alarm, shock sensor, etc. are triggered. In addition, an external relay output is provided that allows, on a command from the phone, to turn off the engine or turn on some device. There is also a version of M11 with a motion sensor that allows you to quickly obtain information already at the time of theft.

The device is powered by two parallel-connected lithium batteries CR123A, supplied. The manufacturer put in a box and a SIM-card, already connected to the special tariff of MTS Telematics. True, this tariff does not support voice communication, so if you plan to use a microphone, you should think about another card.

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