"Skoda Rumster", from 599 000 rubles.

“Шкода-Румстер”, от 599 000 руб. "Skoda Rumster", from 599 000 rubles. "Skoda Rumster", from 599 000 rubles.

It’s not for nothing that Roomster alludes to square meters with its own name - such capacious “mansions” are not like a micro-van, not every compact car can offer it. Judge for yourself: if in the 5-seater version the trunk swallows 450 liters of cargo, then, having dismantled in a minute or two three separate (the hallmark of any Roomster) rear seats, you can get as much as 1780 liters. The newest extended compact Grand Grand Max these figures are respectively 439 and 1706 liters.


With motors, at first glance, everything is simple - the basic 86-horsepower “four” is suitable only for those who are attracted by the initial price tag of 599, 000 rubles. After all, a car with a curb weight of 1200 kg will have to carry cargo with passengers - otherwise why buy a van at all? So, a herd of considerable for Fabia will pull more than one and a half tons of weight. Is it sad? Rather, it’s very unsafe! And it’s even good that such a motor does not combine with an automatic transmission.

So the surcharge of 40, 000 rubles for a 105-horsepower 1.6-liter engine should immediately be budgeted. In addition, with this engine you can get a modern 6-speed “automatic” for only 30 thousand. It seems that such a motor will be optimal. But do not rush! After all, the identical “1, 2-Turbo” power has a torque of 175 N.m already at 1550 rpm versus 153 N.m at 3800 rpm for a 1.6 liter engine. This means that in a city, even with a manual gearbox, your Roomster will actively accelerate from almost idle. In addition, it is 30–40% more economical than the 1.6-liter version and will save you about 20, 000 rubles a year at current gas prices.

Standard Equipment List


Undoubtedly, such a motor is worth a surcharge of 20-30 thousand. You can only get it exclusively in the significantly more expensive pseudo-off-road version of the Scout. So the difference is much more significant - 86-106 thousand. But the basic version is well equipped.

Indeed, the “Asset” has frontal airbags, ABS, ESP, air conditioning and power accessories. But a family car needs at least a quartet of air bags, heated front seats, a more functional interior with numerous drawers and shelves, rear power windows, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel that is more pleasant for hands. After all, the above will cost retail approximately 50, 000 rubles. It turns out that the remaining funds will go to pay for a whole list of a dozen optional as if, but such pleasant things, like alloy wheels, climate control and fog lights.

But “Scout” is also a plastic body kit that is not afraid of scratches, and crankcase protection, for which 6500 rubles would have to be paid separately, and, of course, an economical 1.2T engine.

So for the basis we still take Roomster 1, 2T Scout. At the same time, we would like the car not to be excessively expensive and not to go beyond 800 thousand rubles.

Base prices


"Skoda Rumster", from 599 000 rubles.

Image Recommended:

Alarm (8600 rub.). A full-fledged factory security system with volume and roll sensors, an autonomous power siren and two remote controls with remote controls - and at a very reasonable price.

Window airbags (10 700 rub.). They hardly buy a Roomster in order to ride together, so it’s worth ordering inflatable “curtains” that open to the entire cabin. In the event of an accident, they will fight for the life of your loved ones.

Pressure monitoring in tires (2100 rub.). Despite the fact that pressure measurement in each of the wheels does not actually take place - ABS sensors only register a change in tire diameter - it will be possible to save an expensive 16-inch wheel. So be calmer with them.

Function "Daylight" (800 rubles). Allows you to remember to carry out the current edition of the SDA. For those who need to suddenly become invisible, there is a switch.

The third rear headrest (1200 rubles). At the back of the Roomster there are three full-fledged separate seats, and therefore, an important security element, in our opinion, should be part of the basic equipment. Moreover, if necessary, it is easy to remove.

MP3 radio Swing (13 000 rub.). After reading the forums on the Internet, you will be surprised to learn that a new, more expensive Bolero with a color touch-screen display and a CD changer can be bought for 15–20 thousand rubles, Columbus with navigation is a little more expensive than 30 thousand. That's just how legal the origin of such radio tape recorders is a big question. And non-original “music” will not only once again attract thieves, but will also most likely create problems: for example, when the ignition is turned off, the preset settings may disappear. In addition, you have to buy a special frame, which will cost at least 3000 rubles. So, despite the high cost, to be calm, it is better to buy a factory 2-din radio.

"Skoda Rumster", from 599 000 rubles.



Metallic color (14 000 rub.). Expensive. And for free you can get three colors - emotional red, calm blue and classic white that does not go out of style.

The cornering function in the fog lights (4200 RUB.). So it will be much easier for you to see a hole in the asphalt, and a passerby on the side of the road. In addition, in the courtyard and in the multi-tier parking lot, smart light will save you nerves. But we will reveal a secret - at the dealer this function can be activated by paying two and a half times less!

Adaptive headlights (14 500 rub.). Turn on cornering function. If you often travel on winding country roads at night - you can pay.

Switch front passenger airbags (1700 rubles.). If you want to transport the child next to you, you must order. Another thing is that it is considered safer to place a child seat in the back.

Sensor unfastened passenger (1100 rubles.). In our opinion, if there is no such function in the basic equipment, then there is no need to order. However, for the oblivious or unwilling to use the belt of the neighbor on the right, the buzzing buzzer may be useful.

Height-adjustable front passenger seat (2300 rubles). For those who have fallen by more than 185 cm, standard adjustments in two directions may not be enough - try on yourself.

A set of nets for the trunk (2100 rubles). If you want to make a functional Roomster even more talented - order it.

"Skoda Rumster", from 599 000 rubles.


Mount for transporting bicycles (7600 rub.). Have a two-wheeled friend? What is no reason to please a pet.

Rear parking sensors (10 200 rub.). Appreciate yours and others - time, nerves money? Then this option is for you.

Remote control on the steering wheel (2400 rubles). Often the buttons on the steering wheel are not in demand, but if you really like to touch on-the-go FM stations, order them.

We do not recommend:

Headlight washer (3500 rub.). It is useful with less energy-intensive xenon headlights, on which it copes with dirt due to less heating of the plastic. In the case of ordinary halogen ones, this is just a waste of washer fluid and money.

Panoramic roof (28 500 rub.). Beautiful, but for the best option too expensive. In addition, icicles for such a car are doubly dangerous.

Preparation for installing the phone (13, 200 rubles). For optimum - overkill, you can get by with a less convenient, but an order of magnitude cheaper solution.

MDI connector (5200 rub.). For a family car - sheer indulgence.

Cruise control (4700 RUB.). In Russia, using the travel function at constant speed is quite difficult. However, if in the near future everything will work out, you will be able to resolve this issue at a dealer for comparable money.

What happened

Having settled on the most expensive version of the equipment, we were not too keen on options and got a car that includes virtually all the possible means of active and passive safety, comfort and, importantly, driving pleasure - even an active driver can please its talented chassis.

At the same time, the Roomster, although more expensive than Note or C3 Picasso, can be compared with its cargo and passenger talents with the same Grand C Max or C4 Picasso, which cost at least 100, 000 rubles more.

Roomster Scout