Opel Zafira: Blitz Ven

Opel Zafira: Блиц-Вэн Opel Zafira: Blitz Ven Opel Zafira: Blitz Ven

One after another, bright models appear, attracting with bold design finds and thoughtful design solutions. The new Zafira is one of those.

Family star

The original forms of the compact van show features that make it similar to the recently debuted Meriva, Astra and promising Ampera. The expected result: there is no trace left from the past of a plain and heavy car, and the lightning on the emblem only emphasizes the bright and dynamic character of the newcomer. The name blitz-van is perfect for him (“blitz” in translation from German - lightning).

Compared with its predecessor, the third-generation Opel Zafira has added in length (about 4700 mm compared to the previous 4465 mm), giving more freedom to all seven passengers and luggage. There is no data on the dimensions of the cabin and trunk yet, they only assure us that not only children, but also adults will comfortably accommodate in the “gallery”.

In the second row, instead of a mobile bench, there will be three armchairs that fold and even are flush with the floor.

High tech + humanity

In addition, the new Zafira spied on many convenient and practical solutions for the recently updated models. For example, a FlexFix bike carrier or the FlexRail multi-story design that allows you to efficiently place a myriad of little things between the front seats.

In pursuit of the comfort of the driver and passengers, the developers did not sacrifice security. The stabilization system was replenished with the Trailer Stability Assist (TSA) function, which is useful for travelers and summer residents, which will not allow the trailer to peddle. At night and in bad weather, the adaptive headlight AFL +, which adjusts the headlights to the traffic situation, will become an indispensable assistant. A camera behind the windshield tracks traffic signs and markings.

Like the previous compact cars, the new Zafira was built on the Astra platform, which is why we borrowed most of the technical solutions from the passenger model and adapted it to a higher and heavier car. One example is the FlexRide suspension, the rigidity of which the electronics choose according to the situation.

Motors - match

The engine list opens with a 115-horsepower 1.6-liter, which has proven itself in the previous body.