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Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin considers the fight against city traffic jams to be one of the main goals of his work. Moreover, the mayor for the first time in the modern history of the capital invited Muscovites themselves to a discussion: a plan of priority measures was available for criticism and proposals.

From that moment, a lot of advice was received, to whom does the new mayor listen? One of the last was voiced by the director of the Research Institute of Transport and Road Management of Moscow, Alexander Sarychev. The head of the institute proposed several radical solutions that, in his opinion, will help bring the city out of transport collapse.

Traffic jam in Tokyo В Токио для регистрации машины нужна справка о наличии парковочного места In Tokyo, for registration of a car, you need a certificate about the availability of a parking space In Tokyo, for registration of a car you need a certificate about the availability of a parking space

For example, the head of the Research Institute of Transport and Road Management proposes to prohibit the registration of a car, if a parking place has not been acquired, to remove parking in yards and make entry to the center paid. “You see, a car is a property. And property is responsibility, ”Sarychev told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

In addition, the expert considers it necessary to tax drivers, the amount of which depends on the environmental class of a personal car.

It is supposed to build new city roads, parking spaces and solve road problems with funds from the transport tax, which will soon be transferred to the regional road funds again.

The driver will be punished for the cork ruble

The tax rate on a car, according to Sarychev, should be at least 30–35 thousand rubles a year. “This is a complex taxation: transport tax, excise tax on gasoline and so on, ” the specialist clarified his position. At the heart of this initiative is the European, Japanese and South Korean experience.

Sarychev's offer looks rather tough, especially against the backdrop of higher gasoline and diesel prices. Of course, his opinion is not yet valid, if not one but … The chief official of Moscow listens to the experts, and many recommendations of the Research Institute of Transport and Road Facilities have already formed the basis of the "anti-cork" plan of Sobyanin.

It's possible

From the very first day, having cleared Tverskaya Street from legally parked cars, Sobyanin proved that he was ready to take unpopular measures. In the Department of Transport and Communications of the capital (DTiS) the Internet portal “Behind the Wheel” could neither confirm nor deny the possibility of the next cardinal innovations, including those voiced by Sarychev.

“These issues are under consideration, if these steps are justified, then they also have the right to life, ” said Alexander Oposovsky, representative of DTiS. The official noted that in the near future there will definitely be no changes for Moscow motorists. “In addition to those voiced as part of the Moscow government’s plan to combat traffic jams, ” the source added.

Traffic jams in Moscow Темпы строительства дорог должны превышать скорость роста автопрака Москвы The pace of road construction should exceed the growth rate of the car fleet of Moscow

Moscow City Duma deputy Sergei Mitrokhin (head of the Yabloko party) considers the increase in the “automobile” tax unjustified. “In Russia, the level of corruption is incommensurable with other countries. And in the same South Korea, on which officials are guided, even former presidents are held accountable for bribes, ”the deputy explained. “Where are the guarantees that these funds simply will not be plundered.”

According to Mitrokhin, the game could be worth the candle if citizens were absolutely guaranteed honest spending of money from the transport tax. “The authorities should provide a detailed justification of the costs: a comprehensive program that will be associated not only with Moscow, but also with the region, ” Mitrokhin suggested. “It is also necessary to make changes to the general plan of the city.”

There is enough money …

The NIIIP of the General Plan of Moscow are convinced that nothing needs to be changed in the current master project, it is just necessary to implement it in stages, and this alone will help reduce congestion. “Therefore, today there is no need for an additional monetary burden on drivers, ” says Director of the General Plan Institute, Sergey Tkachenko.

This year, Moscow’s road budget is so significant: about 300 billion rubles were planned, and previously, an average of 36-40 billion rubles was spent. The city will fight traffic jams, mainly through local events. Somewhere they will expand lanes, reconstruct roads, regulate flows and carry out activities previously defined by the general plan.

But. it is possible that all the proposals of the Research Institute of Transport and Road Facilities will nevertheless be realized. But before the end of 2012 - the year of the election of the President of the Russian Federation - such events should not be expected.

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Note: soon the Moscow government will have to return to the federal budget the money spent on numerous new projects. Then increasing the “auto tax” to eliminate congestion and the emergence of new roads will be the most natural. Officials will be able to motivate to increase the transport tax no earlier than traffic jams by a few points.

In order to predict the consequences of raising the transport tax, we conducted a survey of readers of our site. It turned out that 64 percent of motorists will try to “circumvent” the transport tax, another quarter of drivers agree to completely abandon the use of their car, and only 11 percent of car owners are willing to pay several times overcharge tax. The results can be found here.