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It became scary. What’s in my medicine cabinet? According to experts, today there is no information (where they were manufactured, by whom they were equipped) about 20 percent of first-aid kits sold in our stores.

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It is known that the composition of the first-aid kit was established by order of the Ministry of Health of Russia dated August 20, 1996 No. 325 “First-aid kit (automobile)” as amended by the Ministry of Health of 2002. Representatives of the medical community note that over the years, the medicines indicated in the document, for example, validol and analgin, are either partially outdated (more effective analogues appeared) or do not correspond to the modern concept of first aid for victims of road accidents. Doctors note that in first-aid kits there are no special films for warming the victim, special plasters with a bactericidal pad, etc. And the last check at the FEST enterprise revealed another problem: over the past time, even the sizes of drug packages have changed. “The compliance of the first-aid kit samples with the technical conditions was checked at our enterprise, ” says Ruslan Abakov, specialist in public relations at FEST. - It was found that instead of a hemostatic 6x10 cm, the same 7x10 cm is placed, and instead of a 10-milliliter capacity of 10% ammonia, a 40-milliliter capacity is put. And what to do - there are no other components on our market … Inconsistencies with the technical regulations are insignificant and do not at all impair the quality of our first-aid kits.

contents of a domestic first-aid kit

содержимое отечественной аптечки contents of a domestic first-aid kit contents of a domestic first-aid kit

Composition - what is today. A first-aid kit can be bought not only in a pharmacy, but also in a supermarket, and even at any car market. Perhaps this is not bad. But only if their contents are strictly regulated (see bottom box). The analysis of the first-aid kits purchased during the inspection of Roszdravnadzor showed that ordinary rubber tubes are often inserted instead of a hemostatic tourniquet. Instead of bottles of a solution of ammonia, brilliant green or iodine, one ampoule of these drugs is placed. Hemostatic wipes have been replaced with pre-injection wipes, analgin with citramone, and nitroglycerin with nitrosorbide … Do you think this is too much? Compare the contents of our first-aid kit with a first-aid kit, for example, an Italian driver: There is a difference, but not significant.

contents of an Italian first-aid kit

содержимое итальянской аптечки contents of an Italian first-aid kit contents of an Italian first-aid kit

But for French drivers, a first-aid kit can come down to a pair of latex gloves in a plastic bag or look like a filled backpack - in terms of importance; everyone can compose their own first-aid kit in terms of their experience, risks of activities, situations and regulations. However, for professionals (for example, rescuers), the composition of the first-aid kit is the responsibility of the enterprise doctor. The recommended set contains many items, including even paper and pencil. They are needed to record the time of application of the tourniquet, as well as to record information that the victim or his environment is awaiting the arrival of assistance. In Germany, according to the Rules for the admission of vehicles to traffic, a first-aid kit must be in every passenger car (even in an ATV!), Truck and bus (if the number of passenger seats exceeds 22, then even two). If the driver leaves the road without a first-aid kit, or if the first-aid kit is not fully equipped or is damaged, he risks paying a warning fine of 5 euros (bus driver - 15 euros), and a penalty of even 10 euros will be imposed on the vehicle owner (the bus owner will pay 25 euros). And they ask us: “What will happen to me because I do not carry a first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher?” I would like to answer: “You, my dear, there will be nothing!” - according to the Code of Administrative Offenses, it’s just a warning or a fine of one hundred rubles. But what can be with you, if God forbid? ..