Citroen C4

Citroen C4 от 512 000 руб. Citroen C4 from 512 000 rub. Citroen C4 from 512 000 rub.

Given all this, picking up a Citroen was a snap. However, in July, the French decided to complicate the task and thoroughly confused the buyers. They raised prices - only in order to offer discounts that were practically adequate for price hikes. But most importantly, now the choice of motor and gearbox is firmly tied to the type of body. So, let's try to figure out what's what.



Take as a basis

First you need to decide on the body. The impressive 3-door hatchback, which the French traditionally call the “Coupe”, captivates with an unusual glazing of the stern, thanks to which the car is instantly recognized in the stream. But the language cannot be called practical - rather, the three-door is suitable for a young man or a married couple without children. A more relaxed outwardly five-door hatchback is already a full-fledged family car, with a fairly spacious sofa and a comfortable trunk. In addition, a five-door with comparable equipment is 3-4% more affordable than a “coupe”. Difficulties begin further - when choosing a power unit. Indeed, since July, the “mechanics” have been put either on the old 1.6-liter 110-horsepower engine, or on the too expensive version of the “1.6-Turbo” with a capacity of 150 liters. with.

The optimal 120-horsepower “one and six” joint development with BMW can only be obtained in tandem with the “automatic”. In general, we are not opponents of the AKP, just the opposite: in an urban crowd, the lack of an extra pedal is a great blessing. That's just the French “automatic” AL4 is not too good. Slow and not very reliable, it conceals all the advantages of a 120-horsepower engine. We will not recommend such a purchase and therefore reluctantly choose the base 110-horsepower engine and manual transmission. It remains to decide on a complete set. But even here there are difficulties. The basic “Classic” seems to be decently equipped - two pillows, ABS, power accessories and air conditioning.

Citroen C4


Yes, the trouble is that the list of options here is very limited. For example, the heating of the front seats very desirable in our latitudes does not appear in it. Well, “Comfort” essentially repeats “Classic” and is set exclusively to “automatic” C4. There is nothing to do - the top “Exclusive” remains. Yes, it is 50 thousand rubles more expensive than the basic version. But for this money you will get a much more comfortable and safe car, moreover, with a more interesting (100 against 80 thousand rubles at “Comfort”) discount, valid at least until the end of summer. So, for the basis we take the Citroen-C4-Exclusive-1.6. At the same time, we will try not to give free rein to feelings and not to go beyond a reasonable framework of 600-650 thousand rubles.

Athermic windshield (1000 RUB.). Its characteristic feature is a purple hue. Thanks to the special reflective properties of such a “windshield”, the car can be safely thrown in the sun - the front panel will not suffer. For the money - just a gift.

Metallic painting (13 000 RUB.). For free your Citroen will be painted exclusively in white. The latter, although it is considered fashionable, is still not to everyone's liking. In addition, the price is reasonable.

Multilayer shockproof side steles (9000 RUB.). Triplex in a circle will not only contribute to silence in the cabin, but also save from scammers - it is much more difficult to break such a window.

Electric folding mirrors (5000 RUB.). Useful not only in tight parking. By pressing a button, for example, you can squeeze between two inadvertently closely parked cars left in a narrow lane.

Alarm (13 000 RUB.). “Citroen” car is not criminogenic - it is not interested in hijackers, but the factory “signaling” will not hurt. And the insurance company has fewer questions, and the factory warranty is with you.

Dynamic stabilization system (19 000 RUB.). In the near future, ESP will become mandatory equipment in Europe. Hurry, this would happen in Russia too - while dealers are tearing too expensive for this option.

Parktronic rear / front (11 000/22 000 RUB.). If the budget allows, order, save your nerves, and possibly money, both for yourself and others.

USB + audio jack / + “Hands-free” system with “Bluetooth” protocol (8000/15 000 RUB.). If you want your musical compositions to be heard directly from a flash drive or from a compact audio device - order. It’s only a pity that for those who need the “Bluetooth”, there is no choice - the latter comes only with the connectors.

Citroen C4


Navidrive navigation system (72 000 RUB.). The presence of a color 7-inch display, a 30 GB hard drive and a stationary GPS module will undoubtedly make life easier both in the metropolis and on long journeys. But the price …

Citroen C4


Light alloy wheels 16 ”/ 17” (24 000/41 000 RUB.). Sixty thousand per disk, taking into account offsetting with stamped, in our opinion, is expensive. It is better to buy a car on regular steel wheels and leave them for the winter, and it will be cheaper for the dealer or on the side to get the original alloy wheels. Another option is to order a “cast” along with xenon headlights and ESP, where they go virtually free.

Citroen C4


Xenon headlights with washer + ESP, alloy wheels and tire pressure sensor (52 000 RUB.). Having ordered the package, you will receive wheels and a sensor as a gift - a good offer. But if you have not forgotten, we agreed to restrain ourselves …

Leather interior with electric driver's seat and folding mirrors (69 000 RUB.). For a democratic model of “golf” class, leather looks like an unjustified purchase. A prestigious car will not, only more expensive - and much more.

Hi-Fi amplifier + 10 speakers (21 000 RUB.). For the best option, this is overkill.

Citroen C4


Panoramic glass roof + athermal windshield (30 000 RUB.). For almost a thousand “green” the world around you will gain volume and versatility. Just do not forget that in our weather and roads, in order to admire the sky wide open in the salon, you will have to wash such a roof every day. But most importantly, for the best option for an affordable golf car, the sunroof is impermissible luxury.

What happened

So, we got a car that includes virtually all the necessary means of active and passive safety, as well as very decent equipment, and at the same time we were kept at a reasonable price. Even if you order some of the options marked with, the price of C4 will not increase by more than 65 thousand rubles. A decisive argument in favor of the purchase may be a profitable loan, the rate on which today is pre-crisis 11.5% in rubles.

Citroen C4




• Front airbags

• Anti-lock brake system

• Power steering adjustable in length and angle

• Immobilizer

• Central locking

• Air conditioning

• Front power windows

• Power and heated mirrors

• Audio preparation

• Fog lights

• Headlight washer

• On-board computer

• Height-adjustable driver's seat

• Cruise control

• 2/3 folding rear seat

• Isofix child seat mounts

• Full-size spare tire

• Steel rims with tires 195/65 R15

“Comfort” - additionally:

• Tires 205/55 R16

“Exclusive” - additionally:

• Front side and window airbags for front and rear passengers

• Dynamic stabilization system *

• Traction control system *

• 2-zone climate control

• Rear power windows

• MP3 radio with 6 speakers and a steering wheel remote control

• Heated front seats

• Leather steering wheel

• Front center armrest

• Rain and light sensors

• Auto-dimming mirror

• Alloy wheels with 205/55 R16 tires *