How to charge?

Imagine: you arrive home in the evening, somehow attach a car behind a neighboring house, because there is nowhere else, take out a wire with a plug to “fill in electricity”, and stick it into … (Lieutenant, be silent!). And if you managed to drop the wire from your 20th floor and stick it into the car, it is not a fact that at night someone will not rearrange it in their car. In short, in the morning you will still get to work on a discharged battery and decide to “refuel” there. Imagine the Krylatsky Hills business center or City and estimate that there should be a power outlet next to each car standing next to them. As they write on the Internet, rzhunimaga. Quick change batteries? Someone will have to pay for them, because they need more than cars (one in the car, the second is charging). And the more of them, the more expensive they will be. From what? Read below.

How much will electric cars cost?

Now the batteries, providing a more or less decent power reserve, cost more than 10, 000 euros for each car, but it is assumed that they will become cheaper, they say, technology will go forward. And did anyone think how much the same lithium or other chemical elements will cost when their consumption increases tenfold? After all, their number on Earth is not infinite. In addition, then the batteries will need to be disposed of or recycled. No one knows how to do this and how much energy is required. It's like with biofuels: no one bothered to calculate how many fields need to be sown with rapeseed or corn, so that everyone has enough alcohol. But everyone made cars on biofuel. And now it turns out that if all the machines are converted to alcohol, there will be nowhere to grow food. And there will be no fresh water: the Earth, completely sown with rapeseed and corn, must be watered. And then they will not grow, and all cars will be left without fuel.

Where to get so much electricity?

According to some experts, three to four times more electricity will be needed to charge electric vehicles than is currently being produced in the world. What to make of it? Burn the same oil or build nuclear reactors in every yard? Who and for what money will build three more times as many power plants as there are now, and drag three more times as many electric networks with copper cable (with such demand, copper will become more expensive than gold), transformers, etc.? Now power systems are already operating at the limit, and it is proposed to increase their load at times.

I think that these are not the only unanswered questions that arise in connection with electric vehicles.