Let's turn down the mountains in 2 years!

This amazing story has a rather mundane beginning. In 1996, Alexander turned up an entertaining and rare 1983 Buick Regal coupe. He took it, as often happens, on occasion. In general, a good instance - the body is rotten, unbeaten, the interior is in excellent condition. But the engine knocked, a coil of spring was broken off. However, this new owner was not scared off - he loves technology and knows how to bring cars back to life. Recall the mid-90s. What then was to get hold of a beginner Americanovod, what spare parts?

The killed engine with the gearbox was removed, and the Jeep Cherokee XJ power unit fell in its place - a four-liter inline six. The shank of the box had to be done anew, and there were no special problems with the installation … Buick came to life and drove again every day. But a few years ago, Alexander visited Autoexotics and came across a joint stand of Freedomcars and Streetmachines clubs. The exposition there is consistently rich, bright and almost the best in the entire exhibition. Streetmachines roadsters just rolled out a new product just assembled - the brick-red Chevrolet Camaro of the late 70s, which we talked about at the beginning of the year. The sun was shining, chrome was shining dazzlingly, and music of V8 engines poured from exhaust pipes of solid diameter, a real delight for a fan of overseas cars. After this "get sick", and how! This is the direction you need to move! Fortunately, there is desire, opportunity, and most importantly, skill. Having talked with Alexei, the founder of the club "street cars", and with the support of, Alexander proceeded to refine his Buick Regal. He did not plan to build a car, furiously grinding the rear rollers for a quarter of a mile and showing at the finish a 10-second distance. According to the plan, it was supposed to be a luxurious, stylish car that retained the original aesthetics as much as possible, but at the same time rather fast.

Finding V8

Even then, the appearance stifled the desire to ride. Buick paint from time to time frayed and faded, chrome lost its original shine. First, it was necessary to bring gloss and then proceed to the "filling". The dark blue color goes perfectly to the stately Regal, so the original color was left. Alexander painted himself, taking a friend as assistant. Chrome polished to a mirror shine. Chic dark blue velor, metal toggle switches and wood trim in the cabin are perfectly preserved. Only the ceiling was pulled over by blue Alcantara.

The inline Six mounted under the hood clearly did not fit into the chosen muscular car concept. The motor is good, reliable, who argues, but what kind of American coupe without a powerful V8? There were options too. You could put the good old "eight" with a hefty carburetor, as the guys from Streetmachines do. But Alexander abandoned the typical Rodder approach: he does not like such a system, believes that Buick Regal, like a car from the 80s, is more suitable for injection. From the whole variety of James engines I chose the famous and, I am not afraid of this word, iconic LT1 with a volume of 5.7 liters. This V8 was installed on full-size models and a sports coupe in the 90s. Under the hoods of the grand Chevy Caprice Classic and Impala SS, Buick Roadmaster and Cadillac Fleetwood, it produced 260 hp. and 447 N.m. The Chevy Corvette, Camaro, and Pontiac Firebird sports coupe had aluminum cylinder heads and other camshafts. Therefore, in the end, 275–285 hp Firebird and 300 hp at Corvette. Paired with the LT1, an automatic transmission 4L60E with electronic control is working. In general, this tandem has proven itself very well - it combines strength with reliability. In addition, there are no problems with spare parts for the motor and gearbox. So Alexander finally established himself in the choice.

In the engine compartment of the Regal, the large V8, previously living in the Cadillac Fleetwood, stood up as a native. Praise to the American engineers, who thought well out even the attachment points for non-native units. At the moment, the LT1 is almost standard, except that it has managed to acquire an exhaust system with 2.5-inch pipes and two “barrels” of the “aggressive” 40 series. The suspension uses Bilstein and Hotchkis components that improve the handling of the powerful coupe, but do not reduce it comfort. Replaced and springs. To top it off, Buick has been fitted with rims from … Jaguar! But the caps that cover the central part of the disk, all the same, remained original, Buick.

Externally, the car will no longer change. In the short term, the installation of an air filter of reduced resistance, an oversized throttle, a sports camshaft, a main gear ratio of 3.42, a self-locking differential, a more powerful brake system and chrome-plated valve covers.

Tikhon of royal blood

For a couple of years, Alexander managed to crank out a considerable amount of work. He says he was in a hurry. There are supposedly defects in the paintwork. Well, well … Maybe the paint layer on a part is a micron thicker than on the next. And to be honest, God forbid new machines of such "defects". To the depths of my soul was shocked by the total cleanliness of the car. Cars coming off the assembly line are dirtier. Of course, Regal has the role of a weekend car and it drives exclusively in the summer in dry weather.