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Operation Anticollapse


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Video: Operation Anticollapse

Video: Operation Anticollapse
Video: Operation ANTI-ACTA (The anthem) 2023, June
Operation Anticollapse
Operation Anticollapse

Some time ago, the Moscow government set a task for the NIIP General Plan: to calculate the sequence of measures to optimize the urban road network. It is hoped that it is the right course of action that will solve the transport problems of the capital with maximum effect. Based on this, the institute developed a special program according to which the development of the capital's radial-ring system, planned for the near future, will occur in a certain sequence. Which one? The General Plan provided this information to the correspondent of the MSP.

In four stages

Checking the optimal construction sequence for the CTK sections, roadways, understudies and individual interchanges from the point of view of the city’s needs, the experts took into account both the degree of complexity of the transport situation in this or that part of Moscow and the urban planning plans associated with the construction of large business centers and residential arrays.

- Why, for example, did they begin to erect the Fourth Ring according to our recommendations in the southeast? Yes, because in comparison with other territories adjacent to this highway, the shortage of transverse directions is especially acute here,”explains Tatyana Sigaeva, chief engineer of the NPO-5 project of the General Plan Planning Research and Design Institute. - Among the priorities was Zvenigorodsky Prospekt, because, as we know, the City is located near it, which service is simply impossible without a new full-fledged highway. On the other objects, we, on the contrary, have postponed the deadlines. This applies to highways where the construction of powerful four-lane tunnels is required, in particular, the western section of the ChTK with Filevsky Park, as well as one of the sections of the Northern Rokada, on the path of which the Preobrazhensky Monastery stands.

According to Ms. Sigaeva, the program developed by the General Plan should be implemented until 2015. All highways and interchanges included in it are divided into four groups: those under construction, the first stage of construction, the second stage and the third.

Which of them belong to the first group is well known, since the process here is already in full swing. This is the site of the CTK from the Enthusiasts highway to the Shchelkovo highway, Zvenigorodsky Prospekt, Bolshaya Leningradka (Belorusskaya, Sokola areas, the intersection with Golovinka), Krestovsky bridge and the extension of Warsaw to North Butov.


- further formation of the PTC, which will take place in a southerly direction (the section of the Enthusiasts – Ryazanka – Volgogradka highway - the existing interchange of Nakhimovsky Prospect with Varshavka and Kashirka);

- reconstruction of the Belarusian overpass on Bolshaya Leningradka;

- the beginning of the construction of the southern understudy of Kutuzovsky (the middle section from Minsk Street to the Aminievsky Highway);

- The beginning of the construction of the northern understudy of Kutuzovsky (the main section from the TTK to Minsk Street);

- extension of Zvenigorodsky Avenue to the Garden Ring and the construction of a link connecting it with the City;

- the beginning of the construction of the Northern Rokada - the reconstruction of the junction at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road with the Library Street (Businovo) and the construction of a new junction at the intersection of Kosinskaya Street (Veshnyaki), extended to the MKAD;

- The beginning of the construction of the Southern Rokada from Kantemirovskaya Street to Borisov Ponds (punching a 1.5-kilometer tunnel under Tsaritsyno Park);

- modernization of the MKAD interchange - ul. Molodogvardeiskaya in connection with the summing up of the northern understudy Kutuzovsky to it;

- the construction of the roundabout from Volokolamka to Akademika Kurchatova Street in order to eliminate constantly occurring congestion;

- construction of a congress on Sevastopol Avenue at the problematic intersection of Warsaw with Tula Street;

- extension of the Warsaw beyond the Moscow Ring Road to Shcherbinka;

- reconstruction of Dmitrovka outside the MKAD to the village of Severny and the beginning of the construction of its understudy along the railways of the Savelovsky direction along the Ceramic passage.


- laying of the CTK in the north-west direction (section from Shchelkovo to the Leningrad highway);

- Continuation of the reconstruction of Bolshaya Leningradka (construction of the interchange on Festivalnaya and the new bridge over the canal plus the modernization of the tunnel at Belomorskaya and the interchange on the adjoining of Leningradka to the Moscow Ring Road);

- completion of the construction of the northern understudy of Kutuzovsky (section from Minsk Street to the Moscow Ring Road);

- Continuation of the construction of the southern understudy of Kutuzovsky (head section from Kievsky station to Minsk street);

- laying of two extreme sections of the Northern rockada: from MKAD to Signalny passage and from MKAD to ChTK;

- punching of sections of southern rocky from Varshavka to Kantemirovskaya street and the bridge across the Moscow River with access to Upper Fields;

- Continuation of the construction of the understudy Dmitrovskoe highway with its extension to the street of the 800th anniversary of Moscow.

In the third turn:

- completion of the establishment of the CTK (construction of the western section from Minsk Street to Leningradka with a tunnel punching under Filevsky Park):

- completion of the reconstruction of Bolshaya Leningradka (from Belorusskaya to the Third Transport Ring);

- completion of the formation of the southern understudy of Kutuzovsky (from Aminievsky highway to the Moscow Ring Road);

- reconstruction of Yaroslavka, Entuziastov highway, Volgogradka, Proletarsky prospect, construction of understudies of Yaroslavka and Volgogradka, construction of a junction at the intersection of Pyatnitsky highway and 1st Mitinsky lane.

The main thing is stabilization

According to the General Plan, if you use the above sequence, it is quite possible to realize all these projects within the planned seven years, especially since the city guarantees money for them. Of course, work at some facilities may somewhat go off schedule - say, due to difficulties with relocating communications or arranging land allotments, however, in principle, there should not be gross deviations from the planned dates.

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