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Auto News Rating From January 26 To February 1


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Auto News Rating From January 26 To February 1
Auto News Rating From January 26 To February 1

What interested visitors ZR.RU from January 26 to February 1? What worried, caused controversy, delighted, or, conversely, upset? More than visual answers to these questions are in the top ten most popular news for the week. This, in a sense, “hit parade” we have collected on the basis of dry statistics: our Top-10 is based on the number of visits as of February 1 evening.

Today, Mikhail Kolodochkin, head of the department of special projects and examinations of the magazine “Behind the Wheel”, will become an expert evaluating the top three most popular news.

1. Announced cost updated Toyota Corolla in the United States. The price of the updated Corolla increased by 5.9% compared with the previous generation model. Future buyers will be offered as many as five trim levels: Standard, LE, XLE, Sport and XRS. The range of power units will be represented by two four-cylinder engines with volumes of 1.8 (132 hp) and 2.4 (158 hp) liters. The cost of the basic configuration will be $ 15, 250. Options LE and XLE with an automatic transmission will cost $ 16, 650 and $ 17550, respectively, and when buying a sports version, you can choose between the "mechanics" ($ 16320) and the "automatic" ($ 17150). In the top-end configuration XRS, Corolla with manual gearbox will cost $ 18, 760, and for a car with automatic gearbox you will have to pay $ 19, 950. (01/28/08)

2. Images appeared on the network of the five-door Mitsubishi Lancer Prototype S. Externally, the Prototype S is very similar to the concept of the Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback, which was shown at the last Frankfurt Motor Show. Suppose that the new engine lineup will be represented by several power units ranging from 1.5 (110 hp) to 2.0 liters (280 hp). (01/28/08)

3. Herpa and IndiKar will launch the legendary Trabant. Recall that in 2007 Herpa already showed its version of “Trabant”, although at that time it was just a model made on a scale of 1:10. Project managers say it will be a truly German car that can compete with the Mini, Fiat 500 and VW Beetle. It is planned that the concept of the new car will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009. (01/29/08)

4. Consumer Reports magazine has compiled an annual list of the most popular and unpopular brands. As before, the winners of the competition were representatives of Japanese automobile companies - Toyota took 1st place and Honda took 2nd place. The only non-Japanese brand in the top three was Ford. So, the best: Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC. Worst: Buick, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Audi, Acura. (02/01/08)

5. Details about the new generation of the Skoda Superb sedan became known, the premiere of which should take place at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. The range of its power units will be represented by three gasoline and three diesel engines. All of them will be able to work in tandem with both a manual gearbox and a DSG “automatic”. The most powerful of the gasoline engines will be the V-shaped “six” FSI with a volume of 3.6 liters and a capacity of 260 horsepower. A sedan with a similar engine, DSG gearbox and four-wheel drive will enter the market shortly after the launch of the model. (01/29/08)

6. In Moscow last Monday at about 11 am the minibus Gazelle rolled over. A passenger car and a minibus Gazelle collided on the Severyaninsky bridge, which caused the minibus to overturn. All six people, including the driver, were hospitalized due to injuries. (01/28/08)

7. In January 2008, 2 new Siemens stands were launched on the Priora assembly line, designed to adjust wheel alignment angles, headlights and fog lights. The main advantage of the equipment is the accuracy of the settings. The laser diagnostic system is able to read many points on the surface of the wheel and thereby ensure high quality adjustments. Together with the cars of the Priora family, the headlights and wheel alignment angles on the new stands are adjusted by Lada 111 and Lada 112. (01/30/08)

8. The first official photo of the Suzuki Equator has appeared. There is still no information on the technical equipment of the pickup. So far it is only known that the pickup will be built on the basis of the Nissan Frontier, and it will be assembled at the Nissan factory in the city of Smyrna. Production will begin this fall. (01/31/08)

9. UPS forwarding vans in the US now turn right. Navigators equipped with a special routing program help in this. The fact is that in America, the right turn is allowed at any traffic signal and even a small hook pays off with the saved time. Given that the fleet of vans totals 95, 000 cars, the savings in such a solution are very significant, the package delivery time is reduced. (01/31/08)

10. In "Izh-Auto" summed up the work for 2007. Last year, the Izhevsk Automobile Plant increased production by 69%. In particular, it produced: Izh-27175 vans - 7, 404 units, VAZ-2104 vehicles - 21, 908 units, KIA vehicles - 49, 490 units. The volume of production of IzhAvto OJSC in 2007 amounted to 22, 231.439 million rubles. (01/30/08)



The three leaders among the events of the week are commented by the head of the department of special projects and examinations of the magazine “Behind the Wheel” Mikhail Kolodochkin:

“Of the three news that was most popular this week, I more or less understand the first and third.

The first one, probably, attracted visitors to the site exclusively in terms of price, because in my opinion there is simply nothing more. This is such an eternal longing for Russians at overseas prices for cars that cost us more than 5 thousand dollars more, plus some insult and eternal question: “Why is everything so expensive in Russia?”

The news with the five-door “Lancer” is fantastic, of course. Why I can’t even explain why the drawing of some new Mitsubishi attracted someone’s attention. It seems to me very strange, most likely, this is an option that can be called random.

As for Trabant - this news, it seems to me, should be the first, unless, of course, anyone else remembers what the “Trabant” is: such a small plastic “soap box” that was once made in the GDR. When the two Germanys united, there was a wonderful caricature: the huge Helmut Kohl driving a huge Mercedes rushes along the highway, and instead of the front wheel there is such a small Gadäré “traffic”, which struggles with its wheels to fit into this powerful, solid “Merce”.

Everything in this news is surprising: and what is Herpa doing here, which I personally know better as a manufacturer of model cars and airplanes, and who will eventually make Trabant. But, in any case, if it turns out to be cheap and plastic, like the one that, by the way, is amazing. This car was generally played in the lottery then on the territory of the USSR. There was such a “Journalist Solidarity Lottery” - the only one of its kind where cars from the GDR were played. Probably, one of those generations saw a familiar word and was so glad that he read this news several times. If it will be a truly German car, and even a cheap one - in any case, it is really interesting.

Therefore, if I ranked, I would distribute all this news like this: for me, the first would be about Trabant, the second would be about Toita, and I would not pay any attention to the news of Mitsubishi Lancer. But if readers decided differently, then they know better.”

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