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I Don’t Sell The Old Man


Video: I Don’t Sell The Old Man

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Video: I cAn BuY aNd SeLl yOu OlD mAn! 2023, January
I Don’t Sell The Old Man
I Don’t Sell The Old Man
YAMAHA Jog Artistic Spec, скутер
YAMAHA Jog Artistic Spec, скутер

YAMAHA Jog Artistic Spec, scooter YAMAHA Jog Artistic Spec, scooter

In the middle of that April, I drove the hole in Moscow with might and main, the daily runs reached 100-150 km. The Fifty was astounding in dynamics: if the gas was completely “opened” from the spot, it went up to the rear wheel and when I got the knack, I managed to drive a couple of tens of meters into the forks. The dynamic capabilities of the machine helped to move faster than anyone in urban traffic, almost always had time to dive into a barely formed “hole”. I did not get stuck in traffic jams, namely I was driving. It turns out that the power in his even stock engine is quite enough not to feel second-rate on the road.

Moreover I will say, the Yamaha engine is very successful in other characteristics. Rate how incredible by the standards adopted for two-stroke engines, its resource - usually the engine "lives" 40, 000 km! Even if you install a larger cylinder - Malossi Sport and leave the standard crankshaft, the engine’s “survivability” practically does not decrease.

The brakes on the one that I have, versions of Jog Artistic - are excellent, "grabbing" tight. With the front, I even managed to make a stoppie. Over time, the friction linings worn out, the reaction to pressing the brake levers dulled, and the braking became dull. Of course, replaced the old pads of the rear “drum” - installed the Chinese, Yamasida.

I will not say that I was dissatisfied with them, it’s another matter, they just creak terribly - passers-by turn around * He threw out the “native” shock absorber as well - it installed reinforced with adjustable spring compression. "Feed" no longer "walks" from side to side, most of the bumps ceased to "notice."

Manageability "jog" would call very cool. No matter how many “fifty dollars” they ride, no other one is better: the scooter is instantly rearranged from row to row, “writes” the “trajectories of turns” on “five pluses”, and on the straight lines it maintains unshakable stability. About cornering a little more. You can “lay” this “stool” up to the striking of the central stand on the asphalt - and this happens when the slope reaches as much as 45 degrees! Moreover, I did these tricks on Korean tires Kenda. I think that, put on a “fifty dollars” in Michelin, you don’t have to worry at all about the adhesion of rubber to asphalt. And I’ll say that it’s not without reason that “street rocket launchers” love tuning this particular model Yamaha so that they can accelerate it to 100 km / h and more: the rigidity of the frame allows you to develop such high speeds even without finalizing the “skeleton” with all kinds of braces and other tricky things.

In the sunset of the second season, I thoroughly inspected the CPG. By that time, the "jog" ran 10, 000 km - a lot. Opened the engine - so what? Hon traces are clearly visible on the cylinder mirror, the wear of the piston rings is minimal. I cleaned the combustion chamber from carbon deposits and everything that required cleaning, the exhaust window was bored 1 mm in height and 2 mm in width. After the first trip, I felt the difference: the "maximum speed" grew by 5 km / h, the motor became more explosive.

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