And I took the Blata Quadard mini ATV. I bought it almost new - the former owner sold the device after a crash test conducted by his beloved son. The machine did not suffer, which can’t be said about the child … But I took another note: the technique seems to be fighting … Is it small in size? This is only a plus.

BLATA Quadard BLATA Quadard BLATA Quadard

Quadric fit in the trunk of my sedan - I did not have to order a Gazelle for transportation. And straight to the asphalt pad - ride! Moreover, without going into details and control features, although they differ significantly from the usual scooter ones. For which he immediately paid. In the first seconds after the start, the quadrics dragged my 100 kilos unintelligibly, then a sharp and unexpected push-pull catch followed … and suddenly - a coup on the back and half a minute of rest in a lying position … With some apprehension, made a second attempt to start, this time successfully. However, it didn’t turn out: at low speed Blata didn’t want to change the trajectory. You turn the steering wheel to the end, add gas, but the quadric crawls in a straight line. I think this is because of the small wheels and the short base. True, after 20 km / h normal handling appears.

For the first time, half an hour of quiet movement around the site was enough to get tired. Now I got used to it, I'm not so tired. And still, if you can ride a scooter all day, rewind 300 kilometers in Moscow and stay in a normal physical condition, then a couple of hours of pokatushek squeezes all the juices on this quadric. It is understandable: landing with legs spread wide to the sides, a narrow and hard seat, transmitted “to the fifth point” of engine vibration. I don’t want to say at all that you don’t get pleasure. The speed at which the mini-ATV is capable is 50 km / h. Day after day behind the wheel - and now I’ve already learned to take 90 ° turns, hanging out an inner pair of wheels. It turns out very cool! With a certain dexterity, you can continue to move in a straight line, besides writing out zigzag arcs. And all this on two wheels! It is only necessary not to overdo it - or a coup over your head is guaranteed.

Fairly skilled in management, he decided on madness - he left on a baby in the city. What a feeling! In the evening, in traffic, you fly, maneuvering between cars, squeezing into the narrow gaps between them. Drivers protrude from the windows with their eyes wide, motorcyclists show a thumb. I’m not talking about pedestrians: no matter where they go, they’ll definitely notice - and smile.

BLATA Quadard BLATA Quadard BLATA Quadard

There are no elastic elements in the pendants, therefore the “loin part” of the body takes over all the bumps. The frame is so rigid that it can withstand extreme loads. Say, once at a speed of 50 km / h flew into a speed bump. The protection of the rear disc brake withstood, the wheels did not fly off, the frame did not bend. And the quadric, jumping up, tore the front wheels off the ground and performed a thirty-meter long willy. In life I will not forget!