On January 1, 2006, updated traffic regulations entered into force. One of the most significant changes is recorded in paragraph 19.5: "in the daytime … the dipped beam must be turned on when driving outside settlements". Following the good half of the civilized world, Russia lit headlights during the day to better identify moving objects. And the initiator of the innovation was the magazine “Behind the Wheel”!

Four years earlier, the magazine opened an article proposing to ride in the afternoon with fire (ZR, 2001, No. 11). We have affirmed and continue to affirm: to make your car more visible is to contribute to traffic safety! The magazine cited six basic evidences - foreign and domestic experience, driving experience, calculations - and called on all drivers to turn on their headlights during the day.

Let's open the secret: the reason for that article was the trip of one of its authors to Finland, where everyone, well, without exception, all the drivers light the daylight. The roads of the neighboring country are similar to ours in many respects, excepting mainly the accident rate … The seed, as they say, fell on fertile soil.

Six months later (ZR, 2002, No. 6), we reported on the feedback we received - they argued with us, but most correspondents supported the idea. Objections to increasing fuel consumption and burning lamps refute calculations and practice, and most importantly, even a fraction of a percent by which accident rate can be reduced, more expensive than drops of "excess" gasoline!

In 2003, we were no longer arguing with drivers, but with traffic police. The April issue gave a selection of letters in which readers complained about how they were punished (or tried) for the headlights turned on during the day! This is by no means at all: in the end, lighting the light is everyone's personal business, but traffic regulations do not contain any prohibition on this! It is a pity that not all inspectors (and even judges) knew this before our publication …

The ice broke in 2004. It became known that, while preparing the next amendments to the SDA, the Ministry of Transport proposed to fix in them the requirement to turn on the low beam around the clock in winter. Among the arguments were those given by ZR … We, in turn, spent a day of courtesy on the roads: participants, among other things, were asked to light their headlights during the day (ZR, 2004, No. 7).