Such a one-sided approach to the problem is to increase fines and deal with the end! - This is not the first attempt by deputies and the traffic safety department to designate at least the illusion of order on the roads instead of systemic reform. Over the past seven years, sanctions for violating the rules have been reviewed six times in our country (upward, of course)! In particular, more recently, the punishment for riding on bike paths and sidewalks has been tightened up to 2, 000 rubles; on the side of the road - up to 500! Once again, we took to the road …

«Мы не ищем легких путей!», или ралли по-русски (наш герой - «десятка» с номером о233се177). “We are not looking for easy ways!”, Or a rally in Russian (our hero is “ten” with the number o233se177). “We are not looking for easy ways!”, Or a rally in Russian (our hero is “ten” with the number o233se177).


Our first "post" - on the capital's Andropov Avenue. The time is about six in the evening. Part of the sidewalk is fenced with metal columns. All lanes are occupied by cars that are sadly weaving at a speed of 10-15 kilometers per hour. Add to this a shallow, shallow nasty rain and you will understand why the faces of drivers express boredom and sadness. But! There is a slice of the sidewalk - a small one, about 300 meters - along which you can slip a cork and then wedge into the general stream. Peering into an endless string of cars, I’m trying to guess who is the first to “protopchet” the alternative road. Moreover, the track has already been rolled up: it means the place is "bread"!

«Правила хорошего тона»: барышни обязаны уступать дорогу на тротуаре всем проезжающим мимо транспортным средствам (кавалер - на «десятке» с номером а030вв31). "Rules of good form": young ladies are obliged to give way on the sidewalk to all vehicles passing by (the gentleman is on the "ten" with the number a030vv31). "Rules of good form": young ladies are obliged to give way on the sidewalk to all vehicles passing by (the gentleman is on the "ten" with the number a030vv31).

The wait was short-lived - some 8-10 minutes, and a dozen entered the sidewalk. It’s not enough to climb the curb, you need to go around the iron poles and trees on the lawn, which other fans of the “urban rally” have already grinded! Exercise "ten" performed perfectly: crawled through the mud almost on the belly, traveled around the columns and the driver still famously ahead of a dozen cars! What are the pegs and pipes? Our people seem ready to storm anti-tank hedgehogs!

Несется, «как по рельсам». Почему «как»? Rushing, "like on rails." Why "how"? Rushing, "like on rails." Why "how"?

Following the “ten” dashing maneuver repeats a silver “jeep”. What does he have some kind of Moscow dirt? Someone went the easier way: it seems to have stopped at a gas station, but actually “reduced the distance” along the sidewalk by 120 meters and joined the stream. Such resourceful per hour, we counted 32! A low bow and respect to everyone who patiently suffered in traffic, but did not “popper” on the lawns and sidewalks - he remembered that riding on them was forbidden. Regardless of the amount of the fine. Although no one was in a hurry to punish the scorcher either at the new or the old rates: not a single traffic police officer was noticed in those places.

We decided to punish the violators ourselves and took their numbers - in the sense, we took a picture. Look at these … non-drivers! They do not know that the sidewalk is to walk, not ride!

99184 А что, если однажды трамвай догонит такого таксиста? (его номер - в894аа150). But what if one day a tram catches up with such a taxi driver? (his number is v894aa150). But what if one day a tram catches up with such a taxi driver? (his number is v894aa150).

The next item is on the Enthusiasts highway. Three stripes in each direction; in the mornings and evenings, during rush hours there is a multi-kilometer traffic jam. But close by is a tram line and a wide sidewalk: a great opportunity to maneuver! The traffic police have long understood this: the entrance to the sidewalk is fenced by pipes dug into the asphalt. Nearby are stands with formidable warnings that riding tramways is prohibited (if anyone did not know)! The words are supported by as many as three signs: "No entry", "No traffic" and "Rough road." At first they didn’t understand what the “rough road” had to do with it; it turned out, after 200 meters from the frightening signs, the paving slabs framing the rails suddenly ended. This is a real trap! You can only go further along the rails (if the track coincides).

Не хватает видеорегистратора. Только поможет ли? (а мы поможем! «Мицубиси» о223ес150, «четверка» в543ра177). Not enough DVR. Will it only help? (and we will help! "Mitsubishi" o223es150, "four" v543ra177). Not enough DVR. Will it only help? (and we will help! "Mitsubishi" o223es150, "four" v543ra177).

… The first intruder famously started right along the paths of the oncoming direction - I did not even have time to notice the time. And then it went like clockwork: every three minutes another rally list emerged from the general stream and tore along the tram tracks. Everyone was noted: from the Ford shuttle bus to the prestigious Lexus. And domestic technology - there are no numbers! I could not resist and asked the next, ninth in a row violator, who was neatly trying to ride on his "ten" on rails: "Man! Well, where are you? .. ”And he was immediately sent to a well-known address … They watched the tram run into the stern of the“ four ”taxi: it rang, of course, but where are you going to get to? In total, for the reporting 60 minutes, 20 cars drove past us (and past the traffic jam) on rails and sidewalk! True, not far: the cork continued on. But what an extreme! But we did not see people with striped sticks in an hour …


Deciding not to be limited to registering the facts - the guard is being violated! - continued our raid by the forces of the entire automotive life department of the ZR. Everyone has taken the responsibility this weekend to travel along one of the popular routes near Moscow. The picture was disappointing. On Volokolamsk, Gorky, Ilyinsky, Novorizhskoe, Mozhayskoye, Simferopol highway - everywhere on Saturday and Sunday many kilometers of traffic jams were choked, and everywhere there were their “kings of the roadside”. A peculiar record was recorded in Balashikha (Gorkovskoye Shosse), where cars moved in two rows along the side of the road, and the most “off-road” looped in the third row - between trees in a winding rut! Moreover, in the immediate vicinity of the traffic police post …

“Why don't you punish those who ride along the sidelines?” - I ask the inspectors.

“Don't you understand yourself?” See what a cork! Should I punish everyone? Can you imagine how long it takes to complete the protocols?

- Well, at least put the DPS car somewhere nearby - everyone will be warned and, to avoid punishment, they will not go along the side of the road!

- Warn? What for? - Ensign sincerely surprised and waved his hand. - Go about your business. Do not bother to work!

… In fairness, I must say that on these highways the "traffic police" brigades still worked - we counted three or four - who stopped such traffic violators. Only it was unlikely to give any lasting effect. However, like the new law as a whole. After all, no one objects that violators should be punished. But why and why are they driving to the side of the road? Of course, not because I like it so much; just kilometers of traffic jams have become the scourge of many Russian cities.

Therefore, it is more logical to pose the question differently: what did the authorities do to somehow solve the problem? It is clear that it is impossible to build thousands of kilometers of missing roads in one fell swoop. But you can, for example, organize a reverse movement during rush hours! The arsenal of specialists has many similar solutions; but in practice … in practice, it is more convenient for people in uniform to stand at the post and only occasionally go on a raid along the curb to catch a dozen or two violators and fulfill the plan (alas, it exists to this day!). In traffic congestion, this is easy. The new law gave a very convenient tool for such a “job”. Alas, there are no other advantages from the new fines yet.

PS In preparation for the raid, they tried to get a simple figure: how many in our country have already been fined at “new prices” for driving on sidewalks and curbs? The same data, as I found out, was attended to by the members of the Federation Council. However, as explained to us in the State Traffic Safety Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, there is no such information yet: the amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses “work” for only a couple of months, and the police report for six months. Only the traffic police of Altai Krai unexpectedly reported that for the first week after the introduction of new fines for driving on sidewalks, protocols were issued for 84 drivers, for driving on tram tracks - for 56. Dancing with the “de de deux” continues …

“Why don't you punish those who ride along the sidelines?” - we asked the inspector.

“Well, you don’t understand yourself: look, what a traffic jam!” Should I punish everyone?


Sergey Smirnov, Head of Legal Information Department

It is not clear why it is impossible to prepare the law in such a way as not to leave the slightest opportunity to interpret the offense in two ways? Take, for example, article 12.15 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. Part 2 establishes liability in the form of a fine of 2, 000 rubles for driving on sidewalks. But what is considered traffic, how many meters and kilometers do you need to drive along the sidewalk? If the driver drove into the sidewalk, parked and at the same time interferes with the passage of pedestrians, under what article should he be punished? It would be logical to answer that under part 3 of Article 12.19 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (violation of the rules for stopping and parking vehicles), but, on the other hand, after all, before putting the car into the parking lot, the driver moved along the sidewalk.

Part 1 of Article 12.15 of the Code of Administrative Offenses provides for a fine (500 rubles) for driving on the side of the road. The question again arises: if traffic rules (paragraph 12.1) permit stopping and parking, including on the side of the road, then how to get on it without having passed through it? So it turns out that the traffic police officers have been untied: they can interpret certain cases at their own discretion.