For the first time I saw this pretty blue-eyed girl on drag racing, which was held at the Ketchchoyag room in Syktyvdinsky district. She led amateur races, set the speed of the participants, and when necessary, she could also drown out the impatient roar of motors. As if by magic, the racers obeyed only her.

Today she is our guest - a beautiful, pleasant conversationalist and thrill-seeker Claudia Shamonina (friends call her simply Sharma).

- How come you are the organizer of amateur races and a participant in many races?

- The role of the organizer suits me, I feel my calling in this. With the support of professional racers in Syktyvkar, we gathered the first like-minded people in Ezhva and only on August 1 almost officially created our own Ezhva Racing Club, which includes three more organizers besides me. We have our own label, charter. Our goal is a minimum of accidents and gross violations of traffic rules. We are considering racing moments - what is the best way to hold a car show and what to bring new to drag racing. Indeed, from each competition, the audience expects something unusual, and the participants strive to show themselves. In extreme racing, novice drivers get a huge driving experience, an example of behavior on the road. I also went through such a school of survival.

“How did it all begin?” Who personally taught you?

- At first, my family could not understand where I got such a passion for cars. I fell in love with cars since childhood, they have become more important to me than dolls. I started to repair my bike, the neighbor boys gradually approached me - and off we go.

A turning point occurred two years ago, when I was hooked on the Internet forums of motorsport enthusiasts. Being present as a spectator at amateur races, she took sharp moments and posted photos on the sports site, and wrote about the events held at the same time. I was interested in the active life of night owls, and I wanted to go further, to a new level …

“And you decided to get right?”

- I miraculously received a driver’s license on February 14 this year, without going through driving schools, but only having skated at least at the “training”. Prior to this, only once managed to get behind the wheel of a huge "Volga". I admit, it was scary, sometimes even a deaf motor. And the father’s blue “five” became the first car. Over time, riding on it, I felt the speed and the car itself, began to experiment. It turned out that everything was in my strength and hands.

- What are the typical mistakes women make while driving, in your opinion? And how is a girl driver different from a male driver?

- Women are unpredictable, in different situations they can show themselves differently. Their maneuvers are sometimes incomprehensible to others. Driving women are often distracted by trifles. In general, I adhere to road etiquette, I do not accept selfishness, ambition. I guess I still have a masculine driving style.

- Driving a car implies a certain style of dress. But what about dresses, skirts, hairpins?

- I prefer a practical sporty style. So it’s convenient for me both in life and in the car. But I can sometimes surprise others with a beautiful dress and a funky hairstyle and makeup. As it was, for example, at the prom. When friends, seeing me in a long dress and stilettos, were very surprised: “Why didn’t you dress like that before?”

- You are called the queen of a drag behind your eyes …

“No, what kind of queen am I ?!” To some extent, I feel like the first face of the race, which is seen by drivers standing at the start, numerous spectators. When maximum attention is riveted to you, you feel like an actor on stage or a director - as you say and do, everything will do. Therefore, you must always look good, smile. And no matter how scary you may be standing near the rushing unpredictable cars, you should not show it.

- Are you going to become an ace in your business?

- I found my lifestyle - a car. Therefore, I try to master everything related to this to the maximum. I started not just as an observer, but as an ordinary passerby. Now I communicate with professional racers, gaining experience in automotive competitions. In addition, our Ezhvinsky club made contact with the Moscow and Kirov organizers of various auto competitions. I also try to keep abreast of automotive news, read magazines, I know a lot about the structure of the car.

- Who is your authority in life?

- An unshakable example for me is Sergey Sopin, or simply Power, who brought me to the racers and helped me a lot in becoming my personality. I try to be equal to this clever, reasonable, sociable person. It is pleasant that his lessons did not pass without a trace. Now I can already share my experience, and many newcomers consult with me.