Wide open spaces

Crew number 1

Anastasia Novikova, Maxim Efremenkov

Legend: st. Dolgorukovskaya - courtyards - st. Krasnoproletarskaya - Garden-Triumphal Extern. - Bolshaya Sadovaya externally. - SadovayaKudrinsk outward. - Novinsky Boulevard externally. - st. Novy Arbat - Novoarbatsky Bridge - Kutuzovsky Prospect - Mozhayskoye Shosse - ul. Barvikhinskaya.

18.10 - we start from the editorial office, we select yards on Krasnoproletarskaya Street and immediately get in traffic jam on it. Because of the cars parked abundantly on the sidewalk, only one row remains for movement.

6.15 p.m. - we do not wait for the green traffic light, but in the meantime we think about how far the second crew, who also went to Krasnoproletarskaya, has traveled only in the opposite direction. There, by the way, the movement is also difficult.

18.20 - the Garden Ring was already visible in front, and, as luck would have it, the Volga broke right in front of us. While her driver is digging under the hood, we slowly wedge into the oncoming stream to go around GAZ.

18.25 - here we are on Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya street. It remains to bother a little and get into the left rows, so as not to be in the Armory Lane.

18.30 - we enter the tunnel in the area of ​​the Mayakovskaya metro station. Right underground in the left lane three cars collided at once. We are wasting time going around them. But, having got out into the sunlight, we are glad that the cork has resolved, and at full speed we are rushing towards the New Arbat, to which, according to the sign, 2 km remain.

18.35 - Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street and Novinsky Boulevard were behind in a matter of minutes, and now we are waiting in line to turn to Novy Arbat.

18.40 - New Arbat also did not detain us for a long time. Instantly left behind the Government House. But from the Novoarbatsky bridge a row of cars standing in a traffic jam at the beginning of Kutuzovsky Prospekt is already visible.

18.45 - everything was not so scary. There are a lot of cars, but at least we are moving. Now we are trying to get out of the jam at the confluence of Kutuzovsky with Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya street.

18.50 - slowly but surely we are getting closer to yet another test on our way - now cars from the Third Transport Ring will join the already dense stream.

18.55 - pushing around the Triumphal Arch. It’s good that we stood in the left row, because on the right there are solid buses and minibuses.

19.00 - have not yet managed to pick up speed after a traffic jam at Triumfalnaya, so there is a moment to admire the beauties of Poklonnaya Gora in the rays of the setting sun.

05.19 - we approach the junction with Rublevsky highway. Part of the cars turns onto him - let's hope that traffic along Kutuzovsky will become freer.

10.19 - Kutuzovsky smoothly moved to the Mozhayskoye highway. Everything would have been fine in general if it had not been necessary to go around another accident of two "nine".

19.15 - they were so dispersed in joy that they almost slipped a turn onto Barvikhinskaya street. But they turned, and here we are at the meeting place with the second crew!

The finish

Mileage: 18 km. Travel time: 1 hour 05 minutes.

I wanted the best, but …

Crew number 2

Leonid Klimanovich, Pavel Ukharov

Legend: st. Dolgorukovskaya - courtyards - st. Krasnoproletarskaya - st. Seleznevskaya - st. Soviet Army - TTK - st. B. Filevskaya - st. M. Filevskaya - Mozhayskoye Shosse - ul. Barvikhinskaya.

10.10 - start. We turn from the yard to Krasnoproletarskaya and immediately get up.

18.15 - we got to Seleznevskaya, we turn.

18.20 - Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - crawl.

18.25 - intersection with Trifonovskaya, a lot of cars.

18.30 - The third transport, we are barely driving, which, in general, was predictable.

18.35 - overpass at Savelovsky station - dragging over the railway tracks.

18.40 - Nizhny Maslovka, more and more cars - speed is less and less.

18.45 - New Bashilovka, d. 1.

18.50 - Running. It doesn’t look like running at all, we’re almost standing.

18.55 - Running, d.18.

19.00 - exit from the TTK on the street. 1905 years.

05/19 - overpass before turning onto Zvenigorodskoye Shosse.

10.19 - crawled past the congress to Zvenigorod.

19.15 - another 100 meters extended.

19.20 - turned to B. Filevskaya.

19.25 - Filevskaya met in dense rows of cars. We stand.

19.30 - a bridge over the Moscow River.

19.35 - opposite the house 18a on B. Filevskaya there is MAZ, which took one of two rows for traffic. Having passed an obstacle, the stream dissipates and … we seem to be driving.

19.40 - drove a turn to Minsk.

19.45 - metro "Kuntsevskaya", the people of darkness.

19.50 - we moved to Mozhaika.

19.55 - intersection with Kubinka.

19.58 - st. Barvikhinskaya. And here he is


Mileage: 22 km. Travel time: 1 hour 43 minutes.