The host of the Avtosfera television program, the general director of the Sot Motors auto center, Vasily Zaloznov, says: - Let me remind you of some seemingly banal little things that noticeably affect the car’s appetite. The car rolls much worse on lowered tires - this is a fact. If you keep the pressure normal, you can significantly save on gasoline. In addition, for a good rollback, it is important to correctly adjust the angles of the wheels. The whistling of tires on uneven roads and uneven tread wear indicate that the wheels are not rolling parallel. Fuel consumption is naturally higher.

The constriction of the hub bearings complicates the rotation of the wheels and accordingly increases the flow rate, and at least one soured piston in the working brake cylinder leads to multi-liter burns of fuel. The tightened or rusted hand brake cable can contribute to the “light” braking of the machine.

In order to make sure that the wheels are fully disengaged and, therefore, in a good drive, I advise you to carry out a very simple check from time to time: during a country trip, try not to touch the brake pedal at all for 10-15 km. Before stopping, shift gear to neutral and let the car calmly roll to a complete stop. Get out of the car and take turns touching the brake discs (or drums). If at least one wheel braking mechanism is warmer than others or it turns out to be hot, then consider that you have found the reason for the overspending. With a working brake system, discs and drums should remain cold after the test.

The higher the speed, the higher the fuel consumption. Aerodynamic drag increases noticeably even because of seemingly insignificant moments: fashionable widespread mudguards, the so-called fly swatter on the hood, artificially installed spoilers, long antennas and additional rear-view mirrors. Add protective arcs and fog lights here. Even the empty roof rack, which the owner was too lazy to remove, is able to take an extra liter of fuel for every 100 km of the way.

Another point regarding the mass of the car. Remember the saying "Baba with a cart - the mare is easier"? I have nothing against women, but you don’t need to carry excess rubbish in the trunk. After all, each additional kilogram must be dispersed, and then slowed down. In this case, over and over additional grams of fuel are burned.

The more even and measured movement, the less gasoline is needed. And vice versa, nervous treatment with the accelerator pedal provokes an additional enrichment of the mixture with each press. In machines equipped with automatic transmission, there is a very sensitive tuning of the gearbox control unit. An unnecessarily hot driver, not noticing it himself, forces the “automatic” to switch to a lower gear every now and then.