At one time, analysts unanimously predicted a shift in the car’s wiring network to a voltage of 42 V. They say that there are more consumers, currents are growing, copper is becoming more expensive. However, drove through. Now they are already talking about a voltage of about 600 V - like in a trolley bus! And this is real, since every self-respecting company now seeks to acquire a hybrid car, the wheels of which (at least for some time) are turned by an electric motor. If it were powered by standard 12 V, the current would be measured in thousands of amperes, and the wire cross section in hundreds of square millimeters. Of course, this is absolutely unacceptable, so a separate power supply network with voltage up to 600 V appeared in the hybrids! It is easy to say, but not easy to do: at this voltage, shorting or opening the conductors leads to the appearance of a powerful, all igniting arc, and touching a bare (or with damaged insulation) wire is fatal for a person. Therefore, special security measures are needed, for example, constant monitoring of the isolation state. Such a SensWire system was developed by the Austrian company Gebauer & Griller.