Logan first proved this with a quantity - 300 thousand cars in two years - and now with quality. One of the most notable premieres of recent months is Logan MCV, a seven-seater station wagon whose sales started in October in Romania. Next in line are Europe (early 2007) and Russia. It is known for sure that the station wagon will be under the Renault brand here, as will the sedan. Alas, terms, prices, configurations have not yet been determined. But now we are ready to introduce the Romanian Dacia-Logan MCV to the reader. The Russian version will differ in design elements, equipment and the rhombus “Renault” instead of the “Dacia” shield.

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Compared to the sedan, the Logan MCV base has been increased to 2905 (+275 mm), length to 4450 mm (+200 mm). The car was not only lengthened, but also the roof was raised - overall height 1640 mm (+115 mm); among other things, this made it possible to maintain a more or less proportional appearance, otherwise the station wagon would look like an almost overseas stretch. Reinforced roof rails are ready to accept up to 100 kg of cargo.

The only rear wiper went to the left door; on the most accessible version it is not at all. Obviously saving? However, parking with dirty glass will be inconvenient …


The company's specialists are sure that during the EuroNCAP tests, Logan will receive at least three stars - a good result for this price niche. In the European version, up to four airbags are installed. Naturally, Isofix mounts for a child seat are also provided in the family car.


The Russian prices of Logan MCV have not yet been determined. But there are already guidelines: in Romania, a novelty in the basic configuration can be purchased for Є8200 - about 30% more expensive than a sedan (prices in the more familiar currency: $ 10, 250 and 8, 000). Even adjusted for domestic realities (the cheapest Renault Logan now costs $ 9500), we can assume that the MCV will be one of the most affordable cars in its class in our market. And certainly - the most roomy!

From this perspective, you can hardly find any differences from the sedan - the same minimalist solutions in the interior, including successful finds (for example, simple and convenient ventilation deflectors) and obvious mistakes (the reverse tilt of the console forces the stove to be turned on by touch). An undoubted plus remained behind the scenes: thanks to the high roof above the driver's head, a voluminous shelf was placed.

Station wagon is offered in 5- or 7-seater performance. The sedan is famous for its spacious interior; on the second row of the station wagon, three tall passengers will also be accommodated without any problems. The rear seats, according to the manufacturer, are also not children's: they are designed for people of the 95th percentile, that is, a height of 190 cm and even higher.


Logan MCV is equipped with the same engines as the sedan: 1.4 liter petrol (75 hp), 1.6 liter with 8 or 16 valves (87 and 105 hp), and 1.5-liter 68-horsepower diesel engine. We probably will not see the latter in Russia, but a 105-horsepower gasoline engine is not excluded, it will appear even earlier than a station wagon, on a sedan … All engines are aggregated with a 5-speed manual gearbox. A heavier car in a 7-seater configuration cannot be ordered with the least powerful motor. The maximum speed of the "top" version with a 105-horsepower engine is 174 km / h, acceleration to hundreds takes 11.8 s.

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A double-wing door, divided in a 1: 2 ratio, is a tribute to tradition and practicality. In the 7-seater version, the boot volume is 198 l (up to the glass level). Loading height is small - 564 mm for an empty machine.

Like any station wagon, especially with a high roof, Logan MCV is a utility vehicle. Having folded the third row of seats, you put five people in the cabin and place up to 700 l of luggage in the trunk. By the way, the seats of both rear rows are folded in parts.

The maximum amount of luggage compartment - 2350 liters. In this configuration, “Logan” will take away 1.5-meter boards … Or skis - to whom what! And the boxes fit easily: the back door opening is 1047x906 mm. By the way, each sash opens at 40, 90 or 180 °.

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