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In the general “ranking table”, Honda sportbikes have a special place. The group’s marketers too pedaled the notorious “driver friendliness” - and got a completely unexpected result. Everyone recognizes the superiority of Honda in the everyday life of sports bikers, but by this they mean that the products are inferior to the creations of Suzuki, Yamaha and even Kawasaki in terms of “steepness” (which is not the last place for motorcycles of this category). Why, look at the TTX tables: the Siberians are a little heavier than the rivals, and the horses are a little smaller.

Eh, tsifir, tsifir * A potential buyer will run into you - and will not even want to think whether these insignificant pair of kg and three hp play a role. Even the constant success of the CBR600RR in the highest level competitions, right up to the Supersport World Cup, will not convince him. “And the“ jixer ”(“ Erka ”, “ Ninja ”- underline what is necessary) is all one cool!”

There is a bearded joke: “Do you have a wild duck?” - “No, but we will anger her for you.” So, by the 2007 season, CBR600RR carefully “angered” them. What is already noticeable externally: the general features are the same as those of the modern Fireblade, but they are so skilfully outlined that the “blade” compared to the new “six hundred” from Honda is an uncut diamond next to the diamond.


American style motorcycles are always an association with hellish angels, menace and other “bad things.” And although the new generation VT750DC pretends to be almost a neutral “shadow spirit”, we remember that six years ago he was born under the gloomy name Black Widow - “Black Widow”.

VT750DC is now a rare representative of "real choppers." Heavy cruisers almost overshadowed this legendary breed, but for genuine enthusiasts, Honda presents an updated version of its “chopped”: classic silhouette triangle, a huge (21 inch!) Front wheel with a 15-inch rear wheel (of course, only spokes - no casting!). A gas tank - a drop, a saddle - a step and a high steering wheel (well, relatively high - the 21st century is still in the yard, and ape-hangers - “hangers for monkeys” are now not in favor).


Appetites are growing not only among adherents of sportbikes. Even users of such positive in all respects devices as utilitarian all-terrain vehicles are not averse to throwing “cubes”. Back in 1985, Honda released a 350 cc unit - it was something! And when, after ten years, he was replaced by the 400, even the adherents of moderation and accuracy were delighted. Another decade has passed - appetites have grown. And the concern launches the 420 cc version.

Like other utility Honda utility vehicles, the company's designers used their proprietary layout: a 1-cylinder engine with a longitudinal crankshaft arrangement connected to a 5-speed gearbox. To reduce the height of the vertical cylinder, the camshaft is the bottom, that is, the OHV valve drive circuit is implemented. The innovation is that now the engine is equipped with a fuel injection system and liquid cooling.

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