It’s difficult to crawl here, it’s not easy to reach there … In some garages you can find winches, hoists - however, to work with them, as a rule, you must first remove the hood that interferes with the business. But in order to replace the clutch on the Samara or the top ten, you will first have to disconnect the gearbox. How to do this without spending extra time and energy without damaging anything? Let's talk about a car with an eight-valve engine. When removing the box, the latter remains only on one support instead of three, and it should be slightly (50 mm) lowered and locked in this position. It is not difficult to do this, which we will show. The remaining support is quite flexible and does not interfere with the movement of the engine within the specified limits. And we will create another fulcrum, temporary - ourselves.

The factory list of special tools and accessories used in car repair includes the so-called cross-beam for hanging the engine - its number is 67.7820.9514. A serious drawback of proprietary technology is that the master needs an assistant when working. But what prevents us from finalizing it?


The cross member used by the author is 50 mm from the channel (see. Fig. And photo 1). It allows not only to hang out the engine in the right position, but also lower-raise, if necessary, the gearbox, acting alone.

In order for the engine, left on one left support, to take the correct position, we support it with a long stud with M10 thread and a wing nut (red in the photo). The effort is quite large, so the shoulders of a homemade lamb 80 mm. The lower end of this hairpin is crooked - we hook it onto the exhaust manifold in the area of ​​the fourth cylinder.

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