And it’s also electronic … delivered directly to the car! In general, let's talk about computers - moreover, not about any “minibuses” there, but the most “full-fledged” ones, like at home or at work.

Attempts to "drag" a home computer into a car have been made repeatedly. They soldered power supplies, installed voltage converters, and even integrated CRT monitors into the instrument panel. The most amazing thing is that sometimes all this worked, although it was considered "home-made" … Apparently, it was worth it! Judge for yourself: a modern computer is an excellent base for solving many tasks, whether it’s entertainment (audio, video, games) or serious things (diagnostics, navigation, the Internet). And it’s kind of embarrassing to talk about functional flexibility: here the computer is in the absolute leaders.


What are the features? You can, for example, make a decent music system or even a “car” movie theater. Add a GPS module - we get a navigation system. We open Internet access without problems.

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Explain what the system unit of the computer looks like and what it is intended for, probably, it makes no sense. But the approach to buying is still different for everyone: some prefer a ready-made “system manager” at once, while others collect all the “insides” individually, choosing exactly what they want. With regard to the car, the second option is quite common. The main reason - not finicky, but a poor choice among the "prepared". But you should not be afraid: anyone who communicates with technology will master the simple assembly process from individual components.

What prevents “settling” a regular system unit in a car? At first glance, the main obstacle is a different supply voltage. At least there is a power outlet at home, alas … But you don’t need to buy a “12/220 V” voltage converter - there is an easier option: put a specialized power source (the one located in the “system” itself). Such a unit will assume the role of a voltage converter and a rectifier, while it has obviously good stabilization properties. After all, the automotive network is very capricious and the voltage in it is far from always 12 volts (they turned on the starter - so it decreased).

In addition to the main function, various kinds of “tricks” are found in blocks. They not only turn your computer on and off when you turn the ignition key (or enter "sleep mode" - that's how you set it up), but they turn off themselves when the voltage in the on-board network critically decreases. Agree: it’s better to overlook the movie than not to start the car …

So what happens: replacing the power supply, we adapted the system unit to the car? In terms of nutrition, yes. But do not forget about one more serious thing - “operating conditions”. And this is the temperature range (incomparable with a house or office), and all kinds of shaking and vibration. Specialized motherboards, power supplies, and other equipment are required to cope with this, and the rest - how lucky … Many people use, say, hard drives and CD / DVD drives from laptops (components for laptop computers, designed for more severe operating conditions).

A small digression is needed here. We happened to see several cars with computers installed. In the majority they used just the most ordinary “hardware” from obsolete home “systems”. No apparent malfunctions were noted - unless in some cases additional ventilation was required. With specialized computers all the more there were no serious problems. But understand correctly: one thing is “working, ” and the other is “should work.” Using the equipment for other purposes, you take a certain risk!


[caption id = "attachment_193377" align = "aligncenter" caption = "TV / PC MONITOR WITH VGA INPUT AND TOUCH CONTROL PROLOGY PCM-700T

Estimated price -

14 000 rub.

Such a device can work not only as a monitor with a touch panel, but also as a TV, thanks to the built-in tuner.



[/ caption] What is the diagonal of the monitor of your home computer? Well, 15, 17 or more. In the car, the LCD screens are 7-8 inches in size. And they don’t take up much space, and the “picture is visible”. But not every LCD monitor and TV is compatible with the system unit. Decisive here is the presence of a VGA-input (as with home monitors). There are enough models, but many go further, looking for a monitor already with a built-in touch screen (touch screen). Such a “little thing” will help to forget about the mouse and the keyboard. We touch with the finger of the monitor: where they touched - there is the cursor, pressed twice - count, pressed the left button. If necessary, download a special program (“virtual” keyboard) and click on the buttons on the screen, like a mechanical keyboard.

Connecting such a monitor to the system unit is complicated only by the additional USB “tail” - exactly the same as most mice (which are hard to find a place in the car). So even the owners of a modest car will have the opportunity to add a serious element of the interior.

Computer in the car - a necessity or pampering? I am sure that for the most part it will be used in its latest quality. The price of an average set is 30, 000 rubles. - far from a penny. In principle, for the money you can buy a laptop and a PDA, which are also able to work in the car, but each has its own pros and cons. The PDA has a small display and slightly different standards, while the laptop has large dimensions. Yes, and leave it on the seat, going to the store, is unsafe. There will be no such problems with a car computer. The same can be said of devices that it can replace. Not everyone prefers a computer instead of a TV, music center and radio. In every decision, as in life, compromises are made