I. To begin with, paragraph 2.7 of the Rules prohibits the use of a telephone without an equipped hands-free device for negotiations (“hands-free”) while driving. On the left side of one-way roads, stopping is permitted only in settlements, however, the blue background of the 5.25 sign indicates that in this case the driver does not have such an opportunity. On the right, the stop is prohibited by sign 3.27, the effect of which extends to the nearest intersection. Note that adjoining the road from a nearby house is not considered a crossroads, therefore the sign continues to operate further. The additional plate 8.1.1 to the sign 1.12.1 “Dangerous turns” means that the dangerous section (here paragraph 12.4 of the Rules also prohibits stopping) will begin after 200 meters. Thus, the call will have to be ignored.

II. Sign 3.7 “No traffic with a trailer” does not prohibit the movement of a car with a trailer. Additional plate 8.1.1 under the sign 1.17 refers only to it and indicates the distance to the artificial unevenness. Sign 3.24 "Limiting the maximum speed" begins to operate from the place of its installation, so the driver does not have the right to move at a speed greater than that indicated on the sign (Appendix 1 to the Rules).

III. The speed of movement of cars and trucks in this case does not matter. If the driver of the car continues to overtake, he will grossly violate the rules of maneuvering. In accordance with paragraph 8.5 of the Rules, before turning, the driver must take the extreme right position on the roadway. Of course, when overtaking, this is impossible.

IV. In accordance with paragraph 11.7 of the Rules, a car has priority over a truck on the side of which there is an obstacle, and a steep descent begins only after 100 meters. However, paragraph 3.3 requires a decrease in speed when approaching a standing vehicle with a blue flashing light on, so that if necessary it is possible to stop.

V. This simple task indicates that violation of the Rules by one participant in the movement, in this case, a tractor driver who does not comply with the marking 1.18 (it indicates the direction of traffic in the lanes at the intersection), does not exempt other drivers from their mandatory compliance. In fact, the order of the intersection is general: the bus arriving at the intersection on a secondary road will pass last (paragraph 13.9). The tractor will drive first, moving straight ahead, then the car (paragraph 13.12).

VI. Driving along trajectory A is contrary to Clause 15.3 of the Rules, which prohibits driving around vehicles that are in front of a crossing and leaving for oncoming traffic lanes. By the way, for such a violation you can lose your rights for 2–4 months under part 3 of Article 12.15 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. Driving on the side of the road (along trajectory B) prohibits paragraph 9.9 of the Rules.