A good acquaintance, a recently “converted” motorcyclist ran into me: his eyes were round, like cups. A month earlier, he had bought an “intra-Japanese” “four hundred, ” and now he cannot find spare parts for it. My answer did not console him …

There was a depressing situation with spare parts for the “four hundred”. The park of medium-sized Japanese technology is growing by leaps and bounds, and this technology is by no means “fresh” - as a rule, the year of manufacture of most such motorcycles varies from 1988 to 1996. Everyone understands that the Japanese motorcycle even in the late 80s is much more convenient and reliable than the new scooter. But not everyone has money even for a used “six hundred”. And not rich, but passionate ones who want to ride, buy for $ 2-3 thousand a second-hand model intended for the domestic Japanese market, relying largely on their own hands if something breaks. But spare parts, except for oil seals, filters, chains and candles, can not be found.

If we summarize the comments of representatives of the capital's motorcycle services (and we talked with many), the following picture emerges: the spare parts for the “four hundred” are too expensive for the average owner, and in addition, it takes from a month to two to complete an order for their delivery. Why so long?

Parts for "intra-Japanese" models can only be brought from Japan. Is only through authorized dealers. They will cost as much as on the "big" motorcycles. Often the average Russian owner of the “four hundred” is easier to sell a motorcycle for parts.