To size.


It is no coincidence that the Swedish company Volvo announced the smallest model C30, the main premiere of the year, focused primarily on the energetic young generation who chose an urban lifestyle. And for him, extravagant design and high driving qualities are important, which the novelty fully possesses. Here are the words of the president of Volvo Fredrik Arpa: "C30 can rightfully be called a cool car." This key phrase should “hook” a new target group of Volvo customers.

Arp is in a hurry to publish information about the new car, without waiting for the opening of the Paris Motor Show, so that those who have not yet spent the money wait until the end of the year. So we got the opportunity now to show the C30 “face”. The car is 22 cm shorter than the S40, it has only a couple of doors, but it does not claim to be a five-seater. Behind - a pair of individual seats slightly shifted to the middle of the cabin. This achieves greater spaciousness and better visibility for passengers.

The range of C30 engines covers a power range from 100 to 220 hp. five petrol and from 109 to 180 hp - three diesel engines. Thus, the dynamics can be good or very good - this is determined only by the thickness of the wallet. The comfort level also depends on it: pay - and they will install an audio system in your C30 “without sound” with a 5-channel Alpine digital amplifier and 10 speakers!


Praising Volvo's safety is somehow uncomfortable. After all, look wherever you go - the SRC inscriptions (as airbags mean), active head restraints, belt tensioners are not forgotten … Fredrik Arp expects that at least 65, 000 people will buy such a car in a year, which will allow the company to overcome the 600, 000 number of cars.


Engine - gasoline; the number of cylinders, valves and working volume - 5x20x2521 cm3; power - 162 kW / 220 hp at 5000 rpm; maximum torque - 320 N.m at 1500–4800 rpm.

Transmission - front-wheel drive; gearbox per driver - mechanical 6-speed.