Traffic police - although not the most open structure, but still not classified. Nevertheless, finding out the phone of one of her services is a whole thing. "09" does not have such information. In “02” you are switched to the reference police department, where the requested contacts are provided, but it is still impossible to use them: most of the data is hopelessly outdated.

Against the background of this information and reference vacuum, the website of the traffic police department of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow is a real gift. We asked the acting deputy about him. Head of the traffic police department of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the CAO of Moscow, police captain Sergei Bukuev.

“It all started with the fact that in some directory the telephone of the wanted department appeared, where I was working at that time, ” recalls Sergey Lvovich. - After that, a flurry of calls fell upon us, including on problems that had nothing to do with the search work. Therefore, the question arose of creating on the Internet a small page with the coordinates of the traffic police services of the Northern District. At the same time, a “hot line” was organized to collect information on search traffic accidents and “bases”. And then, naturally, there was a desire to improve the resource, add categories, a forum, in a word, make a large, full-fledged website. At that time Vladimir Kuzmich Krainyuk, the head of the traffic police department of the CAO, was a technically advanced, competent person, and he supported this initiative. And so, from December 2003, work began on the site, and in April 2004 it was opened. Huge, and completely free help was provided by our friends from the company DataForce IP and the design studio Leyer, specializing in hosting and web design. They still do a lot for us, for which many thanks to them.

- It seems that you simply do not have competitors among your Moscow colleagues …

- Some regional and regional administrations of the DOBDD have similar resources, but most of them are “dead” and are not being updated. Perhaps the only exception is the traffic police website of the Samara Region, which is very good, although it is slightly inferior to ours in terms of information. Well, as for the sites of individual units, I have not seen anything like it on the Internet - at least, at this level. But the global network is power.

For many, the traffic police inspector is an uncle who stands on the road with a rod (or sits on the side of the road with a radar) and writes the protocols. In fact, traffic police is only one of the traffic police units. Therefore, our resource contains information about all the services and departments of the traffic police of the okrug (MOTOTER, search, administrative practice, road supervision, traffic police propaganda) … Each of them we devoted a separate section with a photograph of the head, his contacts. We also have a large legal section, where documents are laid out, one way or another related to automobile and legal topics. In addition, on the site you can find a lot of useful information on insurance, driving schools and medical commissions, car services and car dealerships. By the way, we mention only those companies where our employees visited with inspections and did not find anything compromising.

- On the main page you have a good section, which reports on changes in traffic in the district.

- Yes, we try to give such things. I know for myself: when you go, and suddenly it turns out that some street is closed due to repair work, you feel uncomfortable …

- Tell us about your forum. How big is his audience?

- Nearly 2000 registered users. And, I must say, our censorship is quite strict. Insults to police officers, attacks on some of its services and empty demagogy are not allowed. Claims to the traffic police of the CAO we can accept through the website or forum, but until the end of the audit their names and position will not appear in the public domain.

A variety of people communicate at the forum - civilians, military, police officers. And not only those who live or work in the Northern District, but also from other areas of Moscow, and many from regions in general - in a word, from all over Russia. Although many come and those who need a forum only to make a scandal. To these guests, we first clearly explain that they are wrong, and if this does not work, we restrict access to the forum. Hard. It’s another matter if a person comes to us with any specific proposals or complaints - please, we are always ready for constructive constructive discussions. In general, according to my observations, the aggression on the forum has become much less. Most often, it does not come to the intervention of the administrator. Many old-timers, once very biased towards us, now pull on the “radicals" themselves, not letting the discussion turn into a bazaar and stopping irresponsible advice to motorists.

- For example?..

- Let’s take one notorious deputy who from all TV channels urged the public to provide physical resistance to the police evacuating incorrectly parked cars. Whose interests he defended at that moment, we do not understand. Indeed, if you take advantage of his recommendations, you can “hang” on yourself a rather serious article of the criminal code. We immediately responded to these speeches on and other online publications, where we explained that it’s not worth doing this, otherwise unpleasant consequences cannot be avoided … In general, in giving our recommendations, we try to take into account not only current legislation, but also law enforcement and judicial practice.

- What topics have the greatest response?

- Examination work, inspection, traffic police, administrative practice … unless interest in inquiry is a little less. The legislation is often discussed, since it is very specific in our country. In particular, there are a number of provisions that contain conflicting points, so you can interpret them in two ways. In such cases, we are trying to explain to motorists on the forum how to perceive these moments from the point of view of jurisprudence, introduce them to the practice of these articles, and tell how the courts respond to them.

“Why do we need a hotline?”

- With its help, you can contact us with information about the "bases", road accidents, traffic violations, unseemly behavior of the traffic police.

- That is, to complain, if what?

- Yes. And although such appeals are not considered official statements (since it is not possible to identify the applicant), any of them must be investigated. So if you are offended, briefly state the essence of the conflict in the message. Next, we will contact you, call you, call an employee, take an explanation and conduct an audit. We do not conduct checks on “frauds” - not our “diocese”. All data received on them is sent to the criminal police service, which deals with such crimes. If the machine you are reporting about has repeatedly “lit up”, your signal may also play a role.

- Here is another interesting section - “Attention, wanted!”?

- We already give announcements about search of witnesses of road accident when the driver disappears from the place of accident or collision with the pedestrian.

- Does it work?

- In general, such announcements according to internal instructions are supposed to be glued on poles and pavilions of public transport stops near the scene of the incident. Naturally, these leaflets are immediately torn down by public utilities and the result is zero. A site is another matter. Our audience is large - about 1, 500 people daily, plus we work with and Autoradio, and their audience is huge. Therefore, there is real return.