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Carla, Carla, You Are Mighty

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Carla, Carla, You Are Mighty
Carla, Carla, You Are Mighty

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Getting to know: Fym ("Fim") 125EY-6. The three-digit number in the designation of the model is puzzling: is there really 125 “cubes” in a kid? Can not be! The motor in appearance is a typical four-stroke pit-bike engine, a Honda Super Cub clone, although its cubic capacity is “increased” from the original “fifty dollars” to 90 or 110 cmz, but it won’t work out anymore

Imagine, through the efforts of Chinese mechanics it turned out - the engine is "inflated" to 124 cubes. So that he does not overheat from increased to 8.5 hp (at 8500 rpm) power, air-oil cooling is organized in it. The radiator is mounted above the front wing, and this is the only, but strong evidence of the unusualness of the engine. Unless the connoisseur still sees that the cylinder is made of aluminum alloy (in the standard version it is cast iron), which means that it is “deeply” tuned. Such tuning, common in America and Europe, is not cheap. A full whale from Polini, Kitaco or Takegawa pulls under $ 2, 000. That is more than the whole Fym is worth.


Typically, Chinese children's motorcycles upset the negligence of manufacture and assembly, and in the little things: either the steps are “collective”, then the brake pedal made of the “rawhide” pipe unbends, as soon as you push it, then the gas handle jumps off. better, small things - as on adult cross-country riders: thought out and on the ground. The foot of the shift lever is folded, the footboards are toothy, lightweight, the ends of the cables on the steering wheel are covered with rubber anthers. The fasteners on the yoke traverses are with countersunk heads, and the traverses themselves are very impressive (not in terms of weight, but in terms of strength). Metal parts, if they are aluminum, are polished to a mirror shine, and if steel, they are chrome-plated. Below the motor is protected by a powerful pallet, and the ground clearance is very impressive - as much as 270 mm!

What kind of "Chinese" are these? The name Fym 125EY-6 says nothing to our motorcyclist, at least not yet. Climbing on the Internet, I found out the following. Chinese company Huanan Co. from the city of Guangzhou (trademarks Fym, Feiying and Feihu) - not the largest one, it employs a little more than 1000 people, and the production capacity is 500, 000 motorcycles per year. But “the chicken carries golden eggs”: the products are not only with international quality certificates (you won’t surprise anyone now), but they are also supplied by such eminent companies in the motorcycle world as Sachs, Yamaha, Hyundai, Extreme (Xtreme). The last brand is “promoted” in America by the national champion in the class “125” according to the AMA version by Guy Cooper. On the model of the Xtreme CR2 pit bike (another name is Fym Cooper Replica), he repeatedly won races.


The Fym 125EY-6 is even more interesting than the purely racing Xtreme CR2. And it’s not even the price (the “combat” CR2 costs about $ 2200 in the States, while our “Chinese” is more modest - $ 1600). The 125EY-6 seems to have unusually wide tires. To place them, it was necessary to expand the pendulum and traverses, to make an intermediate chain transmission.

Another feature of the device is “normal” grip, that is, not an automatic centrifugal one (which, incidentally, is also on the Xtreme CR2), but controlled by a lever on the steering wheel - like all “normal” motorcycles. Fans of extreme driving, accustomed to “command the parade” themselves, like this decision.

Fym is also a zero resistance filter and an impressive once-through muffler.

The description of control devices comes down to two words and a point: they are not. On the left hand drive there is only a muffler button (it is in a rubber moisture-proof cover). Most likely, the owners, in order not to miss the moment of the motorcycle maintenance, will have to install a bike computer. And if you want to ride the streets like on a moped, then at least the light switch (and, accordingly, the headlight and taillight). By the way, a model equipped with light exists and, possibly, it will soon be sold in Russia too.


Fym only looks like a dwarf, but in fact it is not so small: the height of the saddle is 740 mm, so an adult driver will also fit on it. In any case, with my height of 183 cm, I did not feel particularly impaired - in both senses. And at the same time, a motorcycle with its dimensions (length - a little more than one and a half meters) easily fits into the minivan's interior. Its other advantage is that if it is understaffed and nevertheless driven on the roads, then not a single inspector will suspect a motorcycle in it. And the dynamics and "maximum speed" will allow you to be in the stream in safety.

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