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Then, at a conference in St. Petersburg, representatives of “stations for monitoring the technical condition of vehicles using technical diagnostic tools” from all over Russia decided to unite under the auspices of the TechExpert nonprofit scientific-industrial association and work out a consolidated solution on a pressing issue: who will be responsible for the inspection? Formally, the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 880 from the distant 1998 gives the answer formally, the essence of which is to allow not only the above-mentioned stations belonging to the traffic police, but also private structures to conduct inspection. The process of peaceful coexistence in this field of companies of all forms of ownership was designed for seven years. And what? But nothing - the decision, one might say, did not work. It is too profitable for some individuals (in the literal sense of the word) business to give it to others. According to some sources, while the debate was underway, the coveted TO ticket in Moscow (if it is without hassle, without even presenting a car!) Has already risen in price to 150 euros! According to the CEO of TechExpert Sergey Zaitsev, in the Vologda, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Kemerovo, Sakhalin regions, the Republic of Karelia, legal entities and private companies are not allowed to conduct a state inspection. Meanwhile, back in July 2005, 3066 centers were supposed to operate in the country. According to the traffic police, in the Russian Federation today there are only 1549 of them.


Now it’s clear to you where do the multi-kilometer lines for technical inspections come from? According to representatives of private business, paragraph 12.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation is to blame, which prohibits checking the technical condition of a car using technical diagnostics (the same instrumental control!). Its norms are absent in national standards and state standards - everything has been left to the local authorities, who in the vast majority of regions are firmly convinced that only people in uniform can trust a technical inspection …

The problem here is not only in huge lines, where millions of car owners in Russia are losing hours and days, and not even in the bribery of officers who “sit” at the issuance of precious GTO coupons. The problem is road safety in general.

It is worth recalling that the control over the technical condition of vehicles in most countries of the world is carried out by specialized stations for monitoring the technical condition of vehicles that have received a certificate from the Ministry of Transport or another authorized organization. And they are responsible for this both to the one who issued the certificate, and to insurance companies (if that happens). As Chairman of the Federation Council Sergei Mironov recently reported, the social and economic damage from road accidents annually amounts to more than 200 billion rubles. There are many reasons for this, of course, and one of them is that the system for monitoring the state of vehicles in Russia does not work.

In our country it is still not easy to establish the true cause of the accident - they do not always and everywhere carry out technical expertise on the spot. Why was the car in an accident? The driver fell asleep, unacceptable road conditions or is the technician to blame? Official statistics show that only 1.5% of all accidents in Russia are on the "conscience" of technology. According to unofficial data, this figure is much higher - up to 15%.

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