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Charming And  Awesome
Charming And Awesome

Remembering this “bug” shown at the New York Auto Show, you can hardly resist not purring: “he was green.” And the truth is Obvio's little car! Automoti-veiculos exists only in this "grasshopper" coloring. And not in vain - it is "green" in essence: it can work on pure alcohol, saving the descendants of fossil raw materials.

Other advantages - it does not rust (plastic around), takes up a minimum of parking space, but on the go … According to American traditions, the company does not give specific numbers, but estimate: a body weighing 600 kg is moved by the heart set in the middle from the real “Mini Cooper A” at 115, 170 and even 250 hp! Involuntarily put an exclamation mark, which the company did. They also claim that Obvio! Is super-safe, since the strength of the carbon-fiber space frame (!) Is ensured by aerospace technology. The body is rightly called a monocoque, since it is made without a single seam.

Three riders (on one, but wide seat) will be able to enjoy not only the ride, but also the latest multimedia achievements: the car has a personal computer with a television tuner and a 5-channel Dolby audio system.

All this micro-magnificence, including the CVT variator from the German company ZF, will cost the Americans $ 14, 000, with the first 1, 000 buyers receiving an autographed body by the design team and personally maestro Anicio Campos.

OBVIO! 828

Engine - gasoline / alcohol; the number of cylinders, valves and working volume - 4x16x1598 cmz; power - 85 kW / 115 hp at 6000 rpm; maximum torque - 149 N.m at 4500 rpm.

Transmission - rear-wheel drive; gearbox - variator with 6 virtual steps.

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