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Why Turn Off The Pillow?


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Why Turn Off The Pillow?
Why Turn Off The Pillow?

And besides, it’s hidden in a secluded place: in the glove box, for example, or on the “torpedo” on the right side, you can’t accidentally hit and turn it off. But why turn off the rescue device, for which a lot of money was paid?


The fact is that when the squib is triggered, the surface of the pillow flies towards the head of the passenger at a speed of 250-350 km / h. Otherwise, it will not have time to fully open in a few milliseconds after the impact. If a person is not fastened, he will receive such a “slap in the face” that the consequences will have to be eliminated by surgeons. A similar blow to a rather fragile child seat, deployed against the movement (and only this way it is allowed to transport babies in front), will lead to serious injuries and even death. For this, and only for this case, a switch is provided.

However, it is not on all cars. Sometimes you can disable the pillow through the on-screen menu of the on-board computer. Sometimes a seat itself “feels” who is sitting on it and whether it sits at all, and transmits this information to the security systems control unit. So that the driver does not forget about the airbag turned off, a special yellow signal lights up on the board. Like, you can go, but carefully.

Usually it is recommended not to abuse the shutdown and carry the baby only from behind. And the option with a reversibly mounted armchair is for moms traveling alone with a child. So it’s more convenient for them to fix the nipple or bonnet.

Are there any cases when it is necessary to disconnect the pillow for the driver? It turns out that if he is disabled or just very short, so that the distance from the chest to the steering wheel is less than 25 cm (15 cm is allowed in the latest car models), you need to deactivate the airbag. How? Look at the die.

Can I turn off the pillow myself if the switch is not provided? In civilized Europe, such initiative is prohibited. Another thing is to come to the service, write a statement, and the master with a special license will do everything without forgetting the mark in the TCP. Two years later, a reminder will come in the mail: your child has grown up, it's time to turn on the pillow.

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