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Fulfillment Of Desires


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Fulfillment Of Desires
Fulfillment Of Desires


Modern people are less and less writing “paper” letters - the keyboard and monitor won by TKO. However, the ZR wish-fulfillment action announced (ZR, 2006, No. 1) stirred up both electronic and “ink and pen” means of communication. When the number of messages of all kinds famously exceeded one thousand, it became clear that it was time to take the first results. The flow of letters is growing!

There are also quite unexpected ones - however, we give fragments of some letters below.

But, of course, everyone is waiting for the main news - so whose desire is recognized as the most-most? Solemnly declare - the names of the first lucky ones are already known! The desire of Marina Zhukova and Andrei Gribanov from Severodvinsk was recognized as the brightest, the most “automobile”, the most “Zarulevsky” one. "At the wheel" will execute it! But more about that in the next issue: the intrigue must be maintained until the end …

I have a very great desire - to be the right people! And so that your magazine remains as close, kind and fair. v trushin

The most cherished desire is to become a good driver to carry your children. I want to take extreme driving courses!


I am the director of a rural school. My cherished desire is to visit the holy places for me: Konstantinovo, Yasnaya Polyana and Mikhailovskoye. I live in the Leningrad region, and I work in the Vologda region. My vehicle is a bike.


I want to drive Chile in a jeep - from north to south.


My husband is an employee of the traffic police, by the way, he is one of those who are HONEST. He has a dream to star in a movie about the police, even in extras.


My dream is to go to the rally with the editors. I agree to any work: wash, push, pump, wipe, wear - at least instead of the radio!


My dream is to ride or just sit in a copy of the car on which the Americans cut across the moon.


The most cherished desire is to install an LED backlight on my VAZ 2107 4!


I met a girl from St. Petersburg. She came to me a couple of times in Chisinau, but I still can not do it - there is no money. We really want to get married with your help - in a CAR style! I made an offer to her, but I will not pull financially. I can’t even keep a car with my salary!


I would be very pleased to accept an invitation from the ZR team to work in this publication in a true specialty, which I can confirm with the knowledge gained at MADI!


By the way, we … have already fulfilled some of the wishes! Without too much pump - they just did it …

I love the “classics” - in the sense of “classic cars”! In my library are two books by L. Shugurov and an excellent publication in Czech, which, alas, I do not know. I dream about the book "Encyclopedia of Classic Cars" of your publisher. I saw her only once - for 2000 (!!!) rubles.

Isaev Denis, 17 years old, Togliatti

Denis! You will have such a book - with an autograph of the editor-in-chief of ZR!

My deepest desire is for our family to be happy. But the happiness of Stanislav’s husband is me, my son and … beloved “ten”! You should have seen him caring for her! So, my husband is happy when he has everything in order with his car and when he always has everything at hand. And she often likes to tinker with the car, tighten bolts and nuts, although now at every corner of the service station. Therefore, I would like for him to have a kit that includes everything you need!

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