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Cars - Almost 26 Million


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Cars - Almost 26 Million
Cars - Almost 26 Million

It seems that a single computer network DOBDD has finally been created, but it works the old fashioned way. Data on the state of the fleet as of January 1, 2006 in the reputable department is only beaten up by the beginning of March - with the advent of the network, the collection of information did not accelerate, nor did the calculation method change. As before, automobiles are divided by age according to age: “up to 5 years”, “5-10 years” and “over 10 years”, although all over the world there are different criteria for a long time (“up to three years”, “3– 7 years "and" over seven "). As before, all cars are divided into domestic and foreign cars, and the latter are served as a single group. (Lord, someday they will stop distorting all our automotive statistics?) In the meantime, we have to deal with the base received at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs for several months and systematize it in order to separate the new Nissan from 10-year-old Jaguars. For the Moscow Motor Show, we will release our next annual “Russia at the Wheel - 2005”, but for now let’s summarize only its first results.

To begin with, despite the unstoppable inflation (+ 12%) and a reduction in the population, the country's fleet, as in previous years, continues to grow. As of January 1, 2005, it amounted to 24 208 019 cars, and as of January 1, 2006 it was already 25 569 713. Thus, an increase of 1, 361, 694 (+ 5.6%). This is slightly less than a year earlier (+ 7.1%), but in any case, we have no competitors in Europe in terms of growth! So far, forecasts have come true that, by the end of the first decade of the 21st century, Russia will have 30–33 million passenger cars. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, but let's see what we drive today.


And today we have to admit: the backbone of our fleet is morally and physically obsolete cars, primarily from the "classic" AvtoVAZ family. Registered are 7713 thousand direct heirs to the “penny” (30% of the park). But foreign cars first came in second place - there are already 5507 thousand of them (without the notorious “Cossacks”), or 21.5% of the park. Agree: a remarkable event. In the third, representatives of the Samara family - 2646 thousand of them (10.3%). Next come the Volga - 1, 602 thousand (6.3%), next to which the rear-wheel drive Muscovites of the eighth, twelfth and fortieth models - 1.6 million (the same 6.3%). Closing the list of “millionaires” is modern “frets” - “tens”, of which 1293 thousand (5.1%). Let us note in passing that in a country where many months fall in the winter and lousy, most of the fleet consists of cars with rear-wheel drive - we have 12.1 million (47.3%) of them.

Not happy with the Russian park and its age. Only 21.7% of all passenger cars are under 5 years old, 27.7% are between 5 and 10 years old, and 50.6% are older than 10 years. This is an average. In many regions, the numbers are even more depressing. For example, in the Smolensk region, 70.7% of cars are older than 10 years, and in the most western and most advanced Kaliningrad region - even 80.8% (!). However, the absolute record holder here is the Magadan Region - 90.4% of very old cars. True, here the park is small - less than 40 thousand cars.

The youngest fleet is in Moscow, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and Tatarstan, where there are less than 30% of very old cars.

Most of the foreign cars are in Primorsky Krai (83%), Sakhalin (82.4%) and Kaliningrad regions (81%), which is not surprising, and in the Ulyanovsk Region there are only 3.6% of them (on average, I remind you, 21, five%). Most right-hand drive cars are concentrated, naturally, beyond the Urals: the closer to Japan, the more there are. In total, 1.5 million such people were registered in Russia (5.9% of the total fleet or 27.4% of foreign cars). In Primorye they make up 79% of the park, in the Penza region - only 0.1%, and in the Kabardino-Balkaria park (which is far from the smallest - by the way, more than 100 thousand cars) there is not a single “right-handed person”! It’s not accepted, probably, to drive a real dzhigit behind such a wheel!

And one more generalization, though made on the basis of data only on the Russian component of the park (we will get acquainted with the foreign in the next issues): our fellow citizens are very fond of class C cars. There are 14.5 million of them in our park (without foreign cars) - 73% domestic park!

The magazine will present more detailed information about the Russian car fleet during the year, but for now some preliminary conclusions.


The car fleet of Russia is growing very quickly, but not quite predictably, what is the fault of, of course, our government - it will not decide on priorities. Last year, for some reason, the “right-handed” problem was again raised from high stands (to ban - to resolve), as a result, 375 thousand second-hand “Japanese women” were hastily brought into the country (90% more than in 2004!). The market reacted, and as a result, a number of domestic and foreign manufacturers could not fulfill the plan for the sale of new cars. And although their share ultimately increased slightly, on average, the park still got old …

The park is not updating fast enough for another reason. For the year, a little more than half a million old cars were removed from the register for recycling. This is very small, especially considering the average age of passenger cars in the country. This means that tax authorities do not work well. However, this reproach can be attributed to the disposal of automobile junk in the country. But be that as it may, in a year, apparently, it will be possible to say that our fleet has come close to the figure of 27 million, and the number of cars per 1000 people will be 190-200 (now 180).

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