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Install HBO. Mineral Resource

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Install HBO. Mineral Resource
Install HBO. Mineral Resource

We have not built cars on this fuel in series, but you can gasify the vehicle in one of the countless workshops.



The transition to blue fuel is primarily driven by the low price of energy - a liter of gas is about half the price of 92nd gasoline. Even the increased (up to 10% on carburetor engines and about 6–8% - on injection) consumption does not spoil the picture - the savings are still evident. There are additional advantages: the engine runs softer (and therefore lasts longer), less often you have to buy new candles, the oil in the engine is not oxidized so intensely.

But you have to pay for all the good. In “gas” terms, these are the difficulties of a cold start and the additional amount of maintenance work.

The lifetime of gas equipment directly depends on the quality of manufacture and not so much, however, obviously - on the price. There are more than enough people who want to earn in this field. On the Russian market you will find products of more than twenty Italian companies, about ten domestic (including brotherly Belarus among them) and five - from the Netherlands. The latter are recognized centenarians. Thanks to careful assembly and proven components, they work for ten years without a bulkhead. They would have served longer, but mercaptan has a bad effect on rubber. This fetid substance is introduced into the fuel solely for safety. Otherwise, the leak of the gas mixture cannot be detected - propane itself, as you know, does not smell. The performance of Italians is slightly worse (I’ll remind you of consumer goods common in the Russian market). Their products last until repair for an average of three to five years. With ours, as always, complete confusion. There are licensed copies of a high level - at a price exceeding the cost of the prototype. There are much more modest options, but of unstable quality. No luck - tormented by unexpected failures.



An automobile gas installation is based on two pillars: an intelligent dosing system and a very primitive gas storage - a cylinder with a volume of 30 to 270 liters. For the sake of the layout of the machine, it is given various forms. The most popular styles are a cylinder and a torus (colloquially - a bagel). In Russia, only cylinders are made - others are delivered from Poland or the Baltic states. Uncertified containers from Turkey come across: God forbid you get too much for cheapness! An unverified vessel can burst at the seams at any moment - well, if it does not end in an explosion. For the same reason, you should not be trifled with when choosing a multivalve - a locking device with a level indicator. In Europe, only class “A” is permitted - with a safety valve. We have “in law” and class “B”, in which insurance is a 20 percent free volume (the cylinder is refilled at 80% of the maximum), but it’s calmer with the automation.

The rest of the filling depends on the power supply circuit of the engine. There are four types of systems in use today. Perhaps the simplest is used on carburetor engines. The kit includes a two-stage mechanical gearbox (a device to reduce pressure and regulate the gas supply, controlled by vacuum in the intake manifold), a dispenser (a throttle that provides the desired flow area of ​​the supply line) and, finally, valves that cut off either gas or gasoline, together with switch. And you also need a mixer - something like a burner or gasket with holes. It, as a rule, is built in at the entrance to the carburetor or under its middle part. We do not recommend drilling the diffuser wall and sticking in the tube - a home-made supply will soon become loose and fall out, well, if not with a piece of the wall.

In injection engines without an l probe, they act differently. Here the mixer is attached to the inlet tract in front of the throttle pipe. The gas is driven by the same mechanical (or with an electric shut-off valve) gearbox, but the valve that turns off the gas is no longer needed - it is enough to disconnect the electric fuel pump relay. In order to exclude nozzles from operation, without removing the connectors, an emulator is built into the circuit - a device that sends a false signal to the controller about their supposedly normal operation. This simple move allows you to fool the alarm engine check engine. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a "cotton effect" on gasified engines - when, for various reasons, the gas mixture suddenly ignites before it reaches the cylinders. In order to protect the inlet tract from destruction (especially a delicate mass air flow sensor), a check valve, the so-called “cracker”, is built into it.

Even more complicated is gas equipment in injection engines with an l-probe (with single-channel feedback). The gearbox is controlled by electronics - this completely eliminates gas leakage when the multivalve is closed. Scrupulousness is justified: otherwise, a re-enriched non-combustible binary mixture (gas + gasoline) may appear at the inlet. Having safely passed the cylinder, this surrogate will fall into the neutralizer, where, having reached the desired condition, it will launch a destructive mini-explosion. In addition, when supplying gas, you can not do without feedback, the engine controller will go crazy. The exact measure is given by an electronic dispenser controlled by its own unit connected to a standard l-probe. Everything else - as in the previous case.

And finally, the most modern option provides for direct gas injection. The list of spare parts includes an electronic “reducer” without a lowering stage (injection requires high pressure), a control unit that works along with the main controller, a ramp with nozzles and calibrated jets, a gas filter. An expensive system allows you to completely avoid popping, and therefore ideal for plastic intake manifolds and all sorts of sophisticated tracts with variable geometry. In addition, she has the cleanest exhaust since two l-probes take care of this.

Cunning and Love

Like any specialist who knows his own worth (but, of course, does not agree with her), gas workers turned out to be unintelligible people. A typical response to a request to consult on a well-known occasion is: "Fifty liters for twenty seven and a half thousand!" Pulling something else without leading questions is very difficult. And for good reason - almost half of the experts couldn’t even independently determine what kind of beast VAZ 2110 4 was (recall: the serial “ten” with a 1.6-liter engine sixteen-valve). Opinions also diverged regarding the plastic collector. Most agreed to attach any suitable type of equipment to the machine (see above), but without guarantees: if it breaks, it’s to blame (!). The minority categorically recommended the most correct, but also the most devastating option - fourth-generation equipment. And one (Levsha is alive!) Offered to save, replacing the collector with a metal one for three thousand!

Unfortunately, we did not succeed in assessing the quality of the work “live” - we did not find a sufficient number of machines requiring gasification.

However, we still developed some recommendations. Make sure you have certificates for services and accessories. The first, however, is voluntary, but the attitude towards it is indicative: those who have a document have nothing to hide.

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