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Video: Apery
Video: Apery 2023, February

I chose courses closer to home. A woman taught - she clearly explained why during movement it is not necessary to correct makeup. Then they opened the hood to us - a preposterous sight! But the teacher comforted us:

- If you have a breakdown on the road, do not panic - more elegantly bend over the hood and someone will definitely come!

We also put crosses in the tests - and were not always mistaken. And when the number of incorrect answers in the tests decreased, we were asked to choose an instructor. I got Alexander - a tall young man with brown eyes.

I flew on the ride as if on wings, although I was late for fifteen minutes. I could not train with a broken nail - I had to run to the hairdresser. When I found the training machine in the parking lot, the instructor's eyes threw lightning.

- The time for which you are late, subtract from your studies!

I silently ducked into the driver's seat. Without letting me touch anything, Alexander asked:

- Have you already tried to ride?

- Of course not.

- That is, you got behind the wheel for the first time in your life ???

I nodded. Then Sasha showed how to turn on the turn signal and start the car. I briskly pulled out of the parking lot and squeezed into the car stream. The instructor immediately advised me not to call on the sidewalk, and after a few moments he looked at me somehow sadly and offered to change to the passenger seat.

We instantly rushed to the training site - again I'm driving. A training site is a large field with a bunch of forgotten wheels and sticks. The instructor took out a newspaper and said:

- Your task is to slowly and smoothly drive a snake between the wheels!

Then I went deeper into the crossword puzzle. I tried to complete the task, but the car was constantly stalled, and when I started, it stopped again. I don’t know how much I suffered so much, but Alexander put down the newspaper and said that the time was up. To my surprise, in front of a middle-aged lady who studied after me, Sasha kindly opened the door. This fact struck me unpleasantly, so I decided to clarify the situation … It turns out that my colleague takes an additional tenth lesson for a fee. By the sixth lesson, when Alexander once again drove me to the site and left me to fight with wheels and sticks, I matured … Alexander’s attitude changed dramatically - he put down the newspaper, began to suggest how best to squeeze between obstacles. In this lesson, I finally mastered the so-called snake …


Arriving home, I tried to find an explanation of the situation. On the one hand, there are people who want to learn how to drive; on the other hand, there are courses that teach those who wish. In the pictures, I learned to choose the right answer, but I want to drive, not play pictures. I decided to call those friends who already drive cars. The conducted survey shocked me: one trained for six months to get the rights, the other passed the exam only for the twelfth time! In a panic, I called Alexander and asked me to work out with me the whole next week. Five days I inspiredly rammed the wheels and broke sticks. My achievements allowed the instructor to let me out again in the city. Unfortunately, at the first traffic light, the car stalled tightly …

Sasha looked at me questioningly - I sighed. I will not go into monetary details: everything in the world has its own rate. In general, I passed all the exams the first time.

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