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Without Speculation


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Without Speculation
Without Speculation

First, the requirements for the serviceability of vehicles during technical inspection were changed, and after a month - also the rules of a medical examination for the state of intoxication of drivers. And in fact, and in another case, there were some minor mistakes. Our motorized people are already accustomed to treating government innovations suspiciously, so panic rumors arose immediately. Here we want to clarify the essence of changes, additions and amendments.


So, from March 1, changes were made to GOST R 51709–2001 “Motor vehicles. Safety requirements for technical condition and verification methods.” They can hardly be called revolutionary. In fact, this is simply a reduction to a single denominator of updated traffic rules and “automotive” GOSTs. The latter were published at the beginning of the year, and motorists reacted very sharply to their appearance. The GOST provisions related to car lighting were especially criticized, first of all, the ban on "American" optics. It turns out, not in vain. In late March, the Russian government lifted restrictions on the color of turning lights. They say that Prime Minister M. Fradkov instructed to analyze the relationship between the degree of safety and the cost of replacing lights. Analysis (it took two months) showed: the game is not worth the candle. The norm was canceled.

Still the people did not understand, with such a fright in GOST there was an item according to which the back license plate should be lit by ONE light bulb. In most cars there are two of them - so, twist one before going through MOT? As they explained to us in the DOBDD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, an unfortunate typo crept into the text, as they say, the lantern for illumination of the rear state registration plate on a car must be present in an amount NOT LESS THAN ONE, not ONE. The mistake was promised in future editions to be corrected.

Owners will not have to equip their car with additional brake lights and fog lights, if such lighting equipment is not provided for by the manufacturer on their cars. The only thing that may be required in the near future in terms of lighting is the automatic headlight range control on vehicles with gas-discharge (xenon) head optics. Those who bought a car with a full-time "xenon" (or put it at an authorized dealer) have nothing to worry about at all - on such machines the auto-corrector is already in the "base". But lovers of "garage" tuning will have to dismantle such an unprecedented "beauty". Or look for workarounds for passing THAT (which we, of course, do not welcome). The same applies to those who installed the home-made “kenguryatnik” on their cool “eight”. The new GOST rules out the possibility of being inspected by cars with an additional protective grille, if it is “naked” - it does not have an elastic coating.

According to the changes introduced in GOST, vehicles with dismantled or inoperative exhaust gas catalysts will not pass inspection (according to acoustic standards).

There are pleasant changes in the new GOSTs. For example, the norms of car braking efficiency are relaxed by 10%; they are now in line with European ones. The light intensity check of external light-signaling devices has been canceled. And even during the inspection they will not be able to find fault with the poor tension of the drive belt of the power steering and will not check the “frequency and angle of swing during the operation of the wipers”. It turns out that this does not affect traffic safety.


Immediately after the New Year holidays, the Ministry of Health decided to make a note with regard to motorists. As a result, Order No. 1 of January 10, 2006, “On Amending Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 308 of July 14, 2003,” was born. From now on, a new “Instruction for conducting a medical examination for the state of intoxication of a person who drives a vehicle and filling out accounting form 307 / у-05“Act of a medical examination for a state of intoxication of a person who drives a vehicle”has been approved. Phew …

Despite the unpronounceable names of these documents, the procedure for inspecting drivers has not changed.


The driver still has the right to refuse the offer to "breathe" right at the traffic police post - this is just an excuse for a traffic cop to confirm his suspicions. I do not like the “tube” - we must immediately insist on a medical examination by a narcologist. Only the testimony of the latter will be taken into account by the court. As before, the examination can take place in stationary medical institutions and in mobile auto laboratories, and it is carried out only by a doctor who has undergone special training. An exception is the countryside, where you will not find a doctor during the day with fire; the paramedic will come down here. True, now the physician must have a free-form document on special training, valid for three years (he is not obliged to present this document to the driver). The basis for the examination is the protocol on referral to this procedure, signed not only by the official (as before), but also by the driver himself. Formally, in the absence of the signature of the latter on the protocol, an examination cannot be carried out. At the same time, the driver’s refusal to sign the protocol is not a refusal to survey. How doctors and inspectors of the traffic police will get out of this situation is not entirely clear.

The information to be specified in the act has been clarified. Now this is not only the surname, name, patronymic of the driver, but also his appearance: “behavior, emotional background, speech characteristics, vegetovascular reactions, condition of the motor sphere, complaints about one’s condition, the presence or absence of breath odor”. In addition, only “registered medical devices and authorized medical technologies” are allowed for the examination. And again, it is not clear who should issue these permits (the Ministry of Health had taken on such a function before).

In any case, for a start, the exhaled air must be tested for alcohol (the results are recorded in the act). In this case, air samples should be taken four times (and not two, as before). The first time with two different devices and twenty minutes later two more times (you can use the same ones). If an air sample gives a negative result, but there are clinical signs of intoxication, a “biological sample” (blood or urine) is taken to determine the substance that caused the intoxication. Based on the results of the examination, the doctor makes one of two conclusions: “the state of intoxication has not been established” or “the state of intoxication has been established”.

In the case of alcohol intoxication, everything is more or less simple. If it is impossible to establish the presence of a narcotic substance in the body in local laboratory conditions, the decision on whether or not intoxication is taken is made (after a thorough analysis of all the research results, naturally!) By the head of the medical organization or his deputy.

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