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The Rich Also Cry


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The Rich Also Cry
The Rich Also Cry

The choice and purchase of a personal car is a significant event in the life of everyone. And even if this non-standard choice is a “toy” and its cost is very significant, a happy owner, feeling that his life has been lived in vain, taxies out of the gates of a car dealership on a “brand new car” in anticipation of a troublesome existence and boundless joy from what has come true,, dreams.

However, after some time, the owner of an expensive elite foreign car understands that life is not so cloudless, trying to find and equip its purchase with some spare parts and equipment. First of all, this applies to automobile wheels. In search of the right tire or drive size, owners of rare cars sometimes spend more than one day or even one week.

Analyzing the market of car tire shortages, we turned for expert opinion to the head of the tire online store Dmitry Ilyichev, one of the activities of which is precisely the sale of rare tires of non-standard sizes.

- Dmitry, could you comment on the owners of which particular car brands are facing similar difficulties, and what wheel sizes are in short supply?

I would single out several groups. First of all, these are expensive “tuning” foreign cars, for example BMW 7 Series on 21 disks. or Mercedes CLS (219 bodies).

In the second group I would include sports cars such as Porsche, Ferarri, Lamborghini and others.

The third - exclusive cars, such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Hammer, Maybach, etc.

Fourth - small "female" cars: Smart, A-class Mercedes, Mini Cooper. In a separate group, I would single out cars that are often not equipped with a spare wheel (BMW 1 Series, the same Mini Cooper). For such cars, there are tires using RunOnFlat technology, which allows you to drive up to 80 km to a tire center on a flat tire.

Owners of new cars of the second, third and fourth groups are seriously faced with the problem of finding mostly winter tires, but car owners of supported cars of the same groups are unlikely to avoid such a difficult fate in the spring, as tires of these categories of cars are usually very high the degree of wear and the need to change summer tires with fairly intensive use of the car occurs almost every year.

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