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Bosch Vs Non-Bosch

Video: Bosch Vs Non-Bosch
Video: Ryobi Vs. Bosch 2023, February
Bosch Vs Non-Bosch
Bosch Vs Non-Bosch

We bring to your attention the most interesting moments of the conversation with the heads of divisions of the company "Bosch"


The word "Bosch" is associated and always associated with the concept of constant quality. The experience of the last 6–7 years shows that among Bosch automotive products, only drive belts and spark plugs, which were made not in Russia, can be called quality.

At the last examination of spark plugs of various manufacturers in the magazine “At the wheel” (27 sets), Bosch candles took 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23 and 26 places, moreover first place went to the Bosch Platinum candles. The last places went to spark plugs made in Russia, which are much cheaper, but the quality of which leaves much to be desired, compared to Bosch Platinum.

Do you agree with our conclusions, and what should be done so that the word “Bosch” is still associated with quality?

Mr. Norbert Pfannstil, General Director of OJSC Robert Bosch Saratov:

Bosch-Saratov is part of the Bosch network and meets the quality standards set by the company. At the opening of the plant in Saratov, there were difficulties with the change of equipment, training of personnel for the production of products and improving their quality. And, as you said, the Bosch brand is truly associated with quality. Of course, not all products of the company satisfy the requirements of consumers, but we are improving in this direction.

We have a special quality control program that gives good results. We really improve quality day after day, and the plant in Saratov is no exception. Our only goal is the desire to meet the expectations and needs of consumers. And we are successfully implementing it.

The examination conducted by the specialists of your publication is interesting to us. If possible, we would like to familiarize ourselves with the results in more detail in order to improve the quality of Bosch products.


Do Bosch counterfeits come across, and is counterfeiting a problem for you?

Mr. Rene Schlegel, General Director of Robert Bosch LLC:

As for counterfeiting and counterfeiting, Bosch is a well-known brand with a wide range of products, and high demands are placed on it accordingly. We try to comply with them as much as possible, but there are exceptions to the rules. This applies specifically to products for the automotive industry and some products in the consumer goods sector. However, I want to note that the falsification of products in the above sectors does not occur in the territory of the Russian Federation, but is imported from abroad. We have various systems of quality control and production around the world, we try to seize counterfeit products from sales and prevent them from entering the Russian market. I can say with confidence that in the consumer goods sector, it was possible to significantly reduce the number of counterfeit products.


What happens to the project for the production of car headlights at the Bosch plant in Ryazan, does Bosch have anything to do with it?

It is no secret that China produces a considerable number of low quality spark plugs from various manufacturing companies. What do Bosch representatives think about this, and can you say that the company has nothing to do with it?

Mr. Walter Schepp, Deputy General Director for Automotive Parts Sales, Robert Bosch:

Initially, it was a fairly successful revenue-generating enterprise, and Bosch really had a direct bearing on production. Soon, the company's management decided to sell the shares, because we decided that this was not the direction that Bosch would like to develop in Russia.

As for China, this is a country in which there are Bosch factories, which respectively produce spark plugs. But the complexity of working in it lies in the fact that China is the country with the largest number of "fakes" of the company's products, but we are doing everything possible to prevent this. Deliveries from China to this type of product are not made to Russia.


The fact is that in appearance it is almost impossible to distinguish products manufactured in China from the original (a similar example is left-wing products of the “NGK company”). Does Bosch have such problems?

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