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Gentlemen Officers
Gentlemen Officers

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The most popular group among buyers among modern roadsters is motorbikes with 1000 cc power units from sport bikes. Their engines have undergone adjustments: as a rule, the power is “cut off” at the “top” - in order to raise it at medium speed and, if possible, smooth out the torque characteristic. The gear ratios in the transmission were also changed, again, in order to improve acceleration dynamics, but sacrificing maximum speed. The structure of the chassis reflects the compromise of the designers - to create a chassis worthy of a motor and reduce the cost of production.

The “freshest” and one of the most prominent representatives of this group of motorcycles is the Yamaha FZ-1 (for a detailed description, see Moto, No. 3-2006). The engine from the YZF-R1 sports bike, deformed to 150 hp, is installed in a specially designed aluminum frame. The pendants leave nothing to be desired: they have a complete set of adjustments, the front fork is a “shifter”. The price is also adequate: $ 13, 550 for the "stripped" version and $ 14, 050 for the FZ-1 Fazer version equipped with a half-fairing.

Kawasaki Z1000 ($ 13, 550) is only slightly inferior to the FZ-1 in engine power (123 hp) and the possibility of adjusting the suspensions (preliminary spring preload and hydraulic resistance of the rebound front and rear). But the exterior, with the double “horns” of mufflers and a futuristic dashboard, is as fresh as it was three years ago when this magnificent motorcycle debuted.

Against their background, the Honda CB900F Hornet ($ 13, 490) looks somewhat outdated: less engine power (110 hp), more modest suspension capabilities (rear - without a linkage to create a progressive performance). However, someone more “classic” appearance of Honda will just like it. It has been rumored for a long time that a new “liter” Hornet should appear, but instead this autumn the company introduced a completely different car - CBF1000 (see Moto, No. 3-2006). The newcomer has a “brutally deformed” (98 hp) engine from Fireblade, and the modest possibilities of adjusting the suspension (only preloading the spring of the rear shock absorber) are compensated by the widest possibilities of “fitting the landing”: seat placement, steering wheel position, fairing glass height are changed. Custom equipment includes an ABS braking system, luggage wardrobe trunks, an anti-theft system - all this gives out a tourist orientation of the car. The price of the ABS version is $ 15, 890.

The "liter" from Suzuki is completely different: the SV1000 ($ 12, 350) is equipped with a two-cylinder V-shaped 120-horsepower engine mounted in a spatial aluminum frame. Here it’s an amateur: “deuces” with their rich sound and great traction capabilities also won the sympathy of many supporters. And Suzuki boasts full-suspension suspensions. Interestingly, the version of the SV1000S equipped with a half-fairing is also distinguished by a more extreme landing of the driver, close to street fighter.

Inline 4-cylinder engines in terms of volume have crossed the “1000 cm3” boundary back in the 70s, but the idea of ​​a “huge stallion” does not age. Although the aphorism is a hundred years old at lunchtime, it remains relevant: nothing can replace the motor's “blocks”. For the "fours" of a large displacement, a "locomotive" traction is characteristic, which allows you not to flicker when shifting gears: the motor will pull on any one.

Such motorcycles are more likely for a comfortable "long-range" than for tacking in the city stream of cars. This confirms the offer of the industry of additional accessories: a lot of fairings, luggage wardrobe trunks and bags. Yes, and the manufacturers themselves offer the same options, and often the braking system with ABS.

One of the most affordable motorcycles in this category is the Yamaha XJR1300 ($ 13, 320). This is a typical neoclassicist, both in appearance and in technical stuffing which takes us “centuries old”: an air-cooled engine, a steel duplex frame, and classic-type pendants. Alas, the driving performance of the motorcycle also remained “on the other side” of the 21st century. However, they are quite satisfied with a calm driver.

Neoclassical Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit is also deservedly popular. It is produced in two versions: the base, with one round headlight, and the “S” variant - with a half fairing and two headlights. You can still buy motorcycles of the 2005 model year at a very attractive price (from $ 11, 450), but soon the cars of 2006 will go on sale. They have an updated design, height-adjustable (from 785 to 805 mm) saddles, a 50 mm larger base and new brakes, optionally with ABS.

Although the Suzuki GSX1400 is much younger than the Bandit by age, it looks much more archaic: five years ago, when the model debuted, the neoclassical fashion was in full swing. At the same time, the machine is technically more perfect: the air-oil cooling engine is equipped with fuel injection, the shock absorbers of the rear suspension - with a full range of adjustments. This model is not very popular with us, you can purchase it on order or on occasion. For example, a 2004 model year motorcycle costs $ 12, 650.

Against the backdrop of this patriarchal family, the Kawasaki ZRX1200R ($ 12, 100) looks like an alien from star wars, although its appearance is deliberately executed in the spirit of superbikes of the 80s. But a powerful (122 hp) engine, fully adjustable suspensions, and a spatial rear pendulum give the car excellent driving characteristics.

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