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Keep Your Pocket Wider?


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Keep Your Pocket Wider?
Keep Your Pocket Wider?

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This is a typical "utilitarian", it is with the most successful transmission scheme - drive a driveshaft to the rear continuous axle. With such a simple scheme, all the now famous four-wheeler manufacturers began.

The device doesn’t have a specially designed engine for ATV, but an adapted motorcycle engine - a licensed copy of some “Honda” model … twenty years ago. For the consumer, it’s for the better: the engine is tested, fewer unpleasant surprises will happen.

Some manufacturers of quadra "change" the basic design, say, change the cardan to a chain drive - it is easier for the manufacturer to use it. But the user is unreliable and impractical. Others are taken to improve the engine (fortunately, most of them) - they add a cunning body to the licensed motor. In this tiny "small chest" they find a place for reverse gear and an angular gearbox, to which, in turn, a cardan drive shaft is attached. Kickstarter becomes the victim of such modernization - and in our Kinlon he also could not find a place. What is not good for utilitarian machines.

Well, let me launch you. The start-up concentrator in the form of an air damper is actuated by a lever fixed to the carburetor body. But in what position is the lever set? Found by trial and error - on average, that is, when the shutter is half-closed. I pressed the electric start button. Actually, there are no other options. Still, it’s worthless to such a machine without a kick: what if the electric starter quickly “ends”?

Let the engine warm up, and I look around. The instrument panel is poor - there are only three bulbs on it: neutral (green), high beam (yellow) and reverse (blue). But more, however, is not necessary - the quadric is not for road driving, here the speedometer is like a stoplight (for the Kinlon it only turns on when you press the front brake lever), there are no mirrors, no sound signal. And why is the “trailer” mounted on the clutch lever? It does not include anything. And locks are also not provided, even the starter when the gear is engaged.


On the left handle of the steering wheel is an electric starter button, a light switch and an unused “blinker” button. Nearby is another strange destination. Clicked - something rustled below. It turns out that two electric fans turned on (they look like those installed in computers). There are no temperature sensors, the signal about the engine overheating, probably here is the sound of a spit that bounced off the cylinder head. Actually, you should not expect more from utilitarian Chinese ATVs: there is no special cooling system here, except for the ribs on the cylinder and head.

The transmission includes a 5-speed gearbox and a driveshaft hidden in a pendulum tube. During acceleration, all gears are put into operation by pressing the lever down from the neutral, reverse - with the lever located to the left of the gas tank.

To my great joy, I found the left clutch lever in the usual place on the steering wheel. So, let’s say “no fools” - this is when not a centrifugal machine stupidly determines the mode of operation of the motor, but it all depends on the driver.

To prove my power over the car, I accelerate and roll into a gentle turn. Here I squeeze the clutch slightly, sharply add gas, reset the clutch lever. Wheels breaks down in the axle box, and I correct the trajectory with gas and the position of the body. The thrill of riding a quad - when you take turns in a controlled drift!.. Of course, on some Polaris with fifty horses in a wheel slip motor you can achieve by pressing the trigger of the gas aggressively. But for that buzz you need to roll off disproportionately more bucks.

Ten-inch tires in the front and rear are the best suited for the "middle class" SUV. The “mud” tread pattern did not seem to favor snow porridge driving. Before I got behind the wheel, I was mentally prepared for "dragging weights": the night before the test piled snow. What to expect from a 4x2 quadra? It’s good that even at the rear there is a continuous axis, because models with a non-limited differential are found in the Chinese motorcycle industry. Everything turned out to be not so bad: the “Chinese” crawled forward until the last moment. When the snow parapet was raking up the engine guard, it was backing up, then again acceleration forward - and the obstacle was struck!

In the thrill of throwing back and forth, I suddenly found that in my hand there was a rubber knob from the reverse lever. He put it in his pocket - all the same, he doesn’t stay in place. What else do you have to put in your pocket?


I appreciated the work of the pendants when it was carried down the icy mountain, no matter how I tried to slow down. But I was not thrown out of the saddle. Pendants work!

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