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CONSEQUENCE LEADS SP: We Check The Legality Of The Appearance Of Road Signs. Left Sign Case


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Video: CONSEQUENCE LEADS SP: We Check The Legality Of The Appearance Of Road Signs. Left Sign Case
CONSEQUENCE LEADS SP: We Check The Legality Of The Appearance Of Road Signs. Left Sign Case
CONSEQUENCE LEADS SP: We Check The Legality Of The Appearance Of Road Signs. Left Sign Case


Last summer, in the center of Moscow, the organization of traffic was changed - many streets were converted from bilateral to unilateral and vice versa. At first, of course, this caused inconvenience, but then they got used to it. It is difficult to say how this influenced the official reasons for the innovations - the road and environmental situation, but it became more difficult to get to the editorial office of ZR in Seliverstov Lane. If you call in from Sretenka, you have to go around the whole block. True, you can drive through the Garden Ring, for which you first turn right into Ananievsky Lane. However, one of the days there appeared sign 3.1 "Entry is prohibited."

At first, we decided that this was another attempt by traffic cops to somehow cope with eternal congestion in the area of ​​Sukharevskaya Square. It was only surprising - from the Garden Ring the sign was not visible at all. Only after you turn right, you can see it. And what to do next? Ananievsky Lane is narrow, at the beginning of it there are tight cars coming to two respectable banks - it is impossible to turn around. Take back to the Garden Ring, where is the continuous flow of cars? In a word, all drivers passing this intersection simply "did not notice" this sign. The benefit of traffic cops was not noticed here.

As our post testifies, this is not uncommon: the editorial office is littered with letters complaining of readers about incorrectly installed traffic signs or poor traffic organization in their opinion. So we ourselves decided what is called, from our own experience, to go through the “from and to” procedure - to try to remove the sign that clearly interferes with the movement. We did not know whether the “brick” was legally installed or if it was someone’s “personal initiative”, so we started by writing a request to verify the legality of the appearance of the sign 3.1 in Ananyevsky Lane.

In fact, road signs cannot appear just like that. Installing each is a whole procedure, and according to the rules, it begins with a study of the traffic situation - statistics of traffic violations and traffic accidents in this place. Only after this is sent “an idea of ​​the need to install certain technical means of traffic management” (the so-called signs, traffic lights, road fences, etc.). This is followed by coordination, in which a number of authorities are involved. It is often difficult to find out which department and which institution is responsible for a particular street. Knowing all this, we immediately turned to the Office of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of Moscow. Let them sort it out and answer.

Control over the correctness and timeliness of the installation of signs assigned to the appropriate unit of the traffic police. The duties of each traffic police officer, according to the “Manual on the Road Patrol Service”, include control over the established signs. Alas, inspectors often do not get their hands on this … So we decided to help them. Our statement came to light (we give it in abbreviations):

"UGIBDD GUVD of Moscow

In the summer of 2005, the organization of traffic in the vicinity of the Sukharevskaya metro station was changed … However, about a month ago, the sign 3.1 “Entry is forbidden” was installed on Ananyevsky Lane from the Garden Ring. At the same time, the sign is installed on the counter, almost on the territory of the bank’s parking lot, at a distance of more than five meters from the intersection of Ananyevsky Lane and the Garden Ring.


Thus, it can be seen only after you make a right turn from the Garden Ring to Ananyevsky Lane. There is no real opportunity to turn around and go back to the Garden Ring because of the narrow roadway. As a result, most drivers are forced to drive forward in violation of the prohibition sign. In addition, travel to the Seliverstov, Prosvirin and Ascheulov lanes located in this area was significantly difficult. In connection with the foregoing, I ask you to check the legality of the installation of this sign in Ananyevsky Lane, about which notify in the prescribed manner.

A letter was signed by one of the editorial staff, which, however, was not significant - it could be any citizen; the main thing is to indicate your passport data.


Formally, we should have received a response within a month - such a period is established by law for the consideration of such applications from citizens and organizations. But the reaction followed much faster. Less than ten days later, as we unexpectedly discovered, the sign had disappeared! At first they even thought that local residents, car owners, had removed it, so they got tired of it, but our doubts were dispelled by the call from the traffic police department of the Moscow Internal Affairs Directorate. The employee informed us: as a result of the audit, it was found that the sign was put on its own accord. There were no approvals from the traffic police department in this regard, and in general there were no applications for the installation of the mark! That's just to find the authors of this initiative did not succeed. In parting, the girl said: “If anything, write to us! Let's figure it out!”

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