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Chronicle Of The Undeclared War


Video: Chronicle Of The Undeclared War

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: The chronicles of the undeclared war 2023, January
Chronicle Of The Undeclared War
Chronicle Of The Undeclared War


Despite the fact that last year, as never before, much was said at the highest levels about traffic safety problems, but this almost did not affect the level of road accidents themselves. Their total number even increased, without changing the sad trend of all recent years. In 2005, 223 342 traffic accidents occurred in Russia - 7.1% more than a year earlier, 274 864 people (+ 9.3%) were injured. True, the number of fatalities in road accidents decreased somewhat - by 1.6%, so that after accidents the population of Russia declined “only” by 33, 957 people over the year. In 2004, they lost more - 34.5 thousand.


As always, among the Russian regions there are “leaders” and “lagging behind.” Over the year, the number of accidents in Moscow (+ 52.8%!), Vologda (+ 44.9%), Kostroma (+ 35.5%) regions, and the Republic of Bashkortostan (+ 32.3%) sharply increased. By the way, Moscow and the region are also leaders in absolute terms: over 28 thousand traffic accidents were recorded here every year - every eighth accident in the country. True, there are most cars here (16% of the total fleet). Next come St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region (11.5 thousand traffic accidents per year), Sverdlovsk Region (9.4 thousand), Krasnodar Territory (7.2 thousand) and Tatarstan (6.6 thousand). The same regions are leading in the number of dead and wounded. But to name at least one where the situation on the roads has noticeably improved over the year - alas, it is impossible. In some places, only stabilized, but for how long?


Naturally, most often drivers are due to their fault 80.9% of all accidents last year. However, they also suffered more than others - out of 34 thousand who died in accidents, 27.6 thousand were at the time driving their vehicle. 19.6 thousand traffic accidents occurred due to the fault of drunk drivers - of course, there are many, but still the first results of toughening penalties for driving while intoxicated (introduced in 2004) are already evident: the number of accidents has decreased by almost 10%, while That park in the country is growing rapidly.

Another 49.6 thousand accidents on the conscience of pedestrians are 5% less than last year, but the number of accidents involving children increased by the same 5% (25.5 thousand of them happened); 26 thousand were injured, and 1341 children died. Scary numbers.

No matter how much we scolded our fleet - it’s supposedly mainly from old and very old cars without modern safety equipment - the statistics say: due to technical malfunctions, only 3.4 thousand accidents were recorded (1.5% of the total)! Much greater evil is our roads, or rather, their absence in the usual sense. Due to the unsatisfactory condition of the road surface, 53.3 thousand accidents happened in a year - almost one in four! And yet, summing up all the technical reasons, we state: they are “guilty” of only 25.4% of all accidents, and the notorious human factor worked (or rather did not work) in the rest!

Once again this confirms the number of culprits of the accident, hiding from the scene - it is growing from year to year. In 2005, there were a lot of such villains - 16.4 thousand (+ 8.4%), with 15.1 thousand people injured in these accidents, and 2139 killed. Some of them could have been saved if the culprit the accident cowardly did not escape …


Strange as it may seem, in this report of the Road Traffic Safety Department the columns in the section “Traffic accidents and injured due to traffic violations by drivers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs” were blank. It is naive to believe that their number has fallen to zero! Everything is much simpler: at the command of an unnamed chief, all the data in this section was deleted and classified - "so as not to annoy people." It is unlikely that this will work for the prestige of the traffic police. Quite the contrary, especially since they did not make secrets from this before.

Likely, for the first time DOBDD reported an increase in the number of those killed in the line of duty of road police officers. Compared to 2004, the sad list increased to 65 people (+ 64%), another 625 were injured. When chaos reigns on the roads, this is no longer surprising.


So what to do? Sitting and waiting for the deaths of many thousands of our citizens, mostly in the prime of life?

Last year, as you know, the problem was finally taken up at the very “top” - the president convened a special meeting of the State Council on this issue. The federal target program was adopted, considerable money was allocated. And for now, everyone? No, not all.

In February, deputy V. Pligin and two of his colleagues in the United Russia faction proposed making significant changes to the Code of Administrative Offenses. According to them, the 12th (“Automotive”) head of the Code of Administrative Offenses can find other content on 65 points almost completely!

Deputies suggest giving the right to the inspectors of the traffic police to take away the drivers’s rights for many offenses, and to plant malicious violators of the Rules for 15 days. The punishments, at their suggestion, should be toughened many times: for traveling to the "red" - a fine of 1000-1500 rubles. or deprivation of rights for 1–1.5 years; for speeding the minimum fine is 300 rubles, and if it is more than 40-60 km / h, you can remain without rights for 1.5 years. An unfastened seat belt - 500 rubles, rebuilding with a turn signal not included - 300 rubles. The same amount for an attempt to turn from the "wrong" row, and a U-turn and reverse in forbidden places - 500 rubles. And further: rebuilding in a dense stream - a fine of 500-1000 rubles; traffic on the sidewalk - 1000 rubles. or deprivation of rights for a year. But that is not all!

For the most malicious violators, a point system is proposed. Points, according to the initiators of innovations, will be awarded only for serious violations, which in the form of punishment include a fine or deprivation of rights. A violator who scores 10 points must be deprived of his rights for 2 years or even arrested for 15 days.

The prospects for the bill are by no means bad. It is reported that in the spring the project can be adopted in the first reading, and by the fall - finally. According to Vladimir Pligin, head of the State Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building, tightening responsibility for violating traffic rules "should play a preventive role in preventing violations on the roads." Maybe it will be so, or maybe not. Of course, the deputies, while proposing their draft, are glad for a good cause. Only we, taught by bitter experience, always have one doubt: will it not turn out that even after increasing fines, drivers will still “negotiate” with the traffic police, unless the “contractual amount” will grow much?.. Such a fear not without reason.

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