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The engine of the unique CIVAR all-terrain vehicle did not have time to cool after conquering the summit of the Carpathians (see Moto, No. 1–2006), as the tireless inventors from the Ukrainian town called Gorodok started a new project. Grigory Gumenny, Andrey Ternavsky and Nikolai Yarovoy built

- such an opportunity was originally laid down in the design of CIVAR.

As often happens, there is not enough money to implement great ideas. Therefore, instead of the athevesh wheels preferred here and the powerful, reliable “foreign-made” 4T motor, one had to be content with the affordable ones. The tires from the Volynyanka car were used (I had to “blow up” my own), the motor was tested by time and Izh-P3 overhauls.

After the "debriefing" of the Carpathian expedition, changes were made to the design of CIVAR. The main thing is that they installed Telelever of their own design, thanks to which the front suspension now works better. They lightened the wheel hubs and installed a hydraulic Izhevsk brake with a homemade disc. Front-wheel drive is not touched - it has two chains, CV joints and two makeshift bevel gears.

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