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We Bring The Heater VAZ-2110. Manual Control


Video: We Bring The Heater VAZ-2110. Manual Control

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Автодиагностика для начинающих. Поиск и устранение неисправности отопителя ВАЗ 2110.© 2023, January
We Bring The Heater VAZ-2110. Manual Control
We Bring The Heater VAZ-2110. Manual Control

And there is no guarantee that the new one will work happily ever after. A replacement is a troublesome and expensive business: a node costs about 550 rubles.

So at the editorial "top ten" this embarrassment happened (see the material "Last Year's Snow" - ЗР, 2006, No. 3).

The simplest and most effective way to restore acceptable interior heating turned out to be an insert in the heater’s “eight” faucet pipe (see photo). Work takes only 15 minutes, and only a knife and pliers are required from the tool. It is convenient to bring the crane control cable (the cable for controlling the air damper of the carburetor “Lada”) into the cabin under the steering column. The air damper of the heater “tens” must be fixed in the “hot” position. Access to it is with a long screwdriver through the removed air duct grille in the center of the instrument panel (“dashboard”).

In order to restore heating regulation, which is natural for the “dozens”, instead of an unreliable electric drive, we installed a blind control cable from a GAZ truck, fitting it in length. Note that, as a "native", the heater cable "Bull-calf" is suitable, only its price, like a gear motor, is 550 rubles …

Mechanical control of the damper is so well suited for the "top ten", as if this option was laid down in the design initially.


We remove the "frill" and the faulty gear motor, saw off a square shaft from it. We make a lever from metal, a clamp from an M8 bolt (see. Fig.).

We drill a hole in the panel and fasten the cable pre-fitted along the length in it (we cut the cable sheath so that it serves as a limiter for turning the lever).

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