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Caravan Of Sheds


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Caravan Of Sheds
Caravan Of Sheds

Today we’ll talk about multi-purpose cars - convenient in the economy and ready to carry a lot, but not yet out of the ordinary passenger class. They are called universal.

Few people thought that the wagon trunk volume, if limited to the glazing line, can turn out to be about the same as a sedan, or even a little less. Why such a station wagon? You know, when you need to take away a TV, the liters in the characteristics of sedans are always some kind of cramped. Well and most importantly - “wagons” can be loaded under the roof …

Note: sometimes station wagons have less or the same permissible carrying capacity as analogs-sedans. Consider an even heavier body. Not scared? Then please get acquainted. Today we have “caravans” - “wagons” from $ 13, 300.


A few years ago, conducting a survey among readers, we found out that many people prefer not just a station wagon, but certainly a large and all-wheel drive. There are such in our review. They are today represented by the Mazda 6 4WD and Volkswagen Passat 4Motion. The first - a rookie in our market, the second - should appear shortly after the release of this number. We did not ignore the traditional manufacturer of all-wheel drive cars - Subaru. His younger model - “Impreza” can be called a station wagon with a considerable stretch. Although its body is two-volume, without a protruding trunk, the car cannot boast of special capabilities in the transportation of goods. But "Legacy Wagon" - a full-fledged roomy wagon. There is a "raised" version, with increased ground clearance and, accordingly, the best off-road capabilities - "Subaru Legacy Outback /"> Legacy Outback."

We did not include in the list all-terrain vehicles, whose body can formally be classified as generalists - this is a separate issue.

Most of the cars presented belong to the compact class and have front-wheel drive. The options behind the scenes remained behind the scenes - they differ significantly from the price presented here. And in the range of "after $ 35 thousand, " they often choose according to other criteria.

One can demand from a universal car … not five, but seven or more places. In addition to the Peugeot 307 presented here, the Mazda 5, Toyota Corolla Verso / Toyota Corolla Verso meet this condition. But formally these are already mini-vans.


Sometimes the buyer ripens special wishes for the power unit. I want at least two liters, or, conversely, I am looking more modestly - there is not much money.

In a compact class, budget engines are offered by Ford Fusion and Focus, as well as Skoda Fabia and Opel Astra. The latter, although not cheap, has good capacity and carrying capacity.

The owner of the smallest in terms of volume, the smallest engine - Skoda Fabia. At the same time, even in the minimum configuration, the car cannot boast of any noticeable price advantages over competitors. This is probably why the sales of this compact, but convenient and quite roomy wagon are small.

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