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Buy Wheels Without Leaving Your Home


Video: Buy Wheels Without Leaving Your Home

Video: Buy Wheels Without Leaving Your Home
Video: Don't Buy Wheels Before Watching This! 2023, December
Buy Wheels Without Leaving Your Home
Buy Wheels Without Leaving Your Home

- Sergey, was one of the first who started on the virtual market for the sale of automobile wheels. What are the main trends in the market today compared to the period when you just started?

Our store has been operating for 5 years and, indeed, the situation in online commerce, and this applies not only to wheels, has changed significantly. First of all, online shopping has firmly entered our lives and began to be massive. Even the most notorious skeptics have recognized the convenience and economic benefits of home-delivered shopping. As a result, competition has intensified significantly. If in 2001, when we started, there were no more than 5 such profile virtual stores throughout Russia, now in Moscow alone there are more than 50 online tire and wheel dealers.

- However, despite the competition, you are firmly in the top five. What are the criteria for your success?

First of all, of course, a timely start. This gave us a kind of advantage initially, and most importantly, perhaps, this is a strategy for the formation of services. A huge assortment displayed on an electronic showcase with a detailed description, online selection of wheels, operation almost around the clock, free delivery of even one wheel, delivery times - within a few hours from the moment of receipt of the order, additional services such as online insurance, delivery of complete wheels - our trump cards that distinguish us from our competitors.

- What are your recommendations to motorists who decide to use the services of network tire stores. What should I pay special attention to when buying tires in RuNet?

- availability of contact telephones and operator telephone service;

- delivery terms. Delivery of goods within two to three days, as a rule, indicates the absence of their own warehouse at the online seller, which means that in the current fierce competition there is a great risk of running into a one-day company and losing the opportunity to advertise the goods if necessary.

- Upon receipt of the goods you need to pay attention to the package of documents. The invoice must necessarily have a seal confirming the legal status of the seller, the conditions of the guarantee, return and exchange of goods, contact phone number. There must be a document confirming the fact of payment - cash receipt. In the absence of all these necessary attributes, the possibility of complaint is reduced to zero.

You can name many more important points, such as assortment, prices, availability of a catalog of goods and much more.



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