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MARKET OVERVIEW: High Pressure Washers. To Work With A Clear Conscience


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Video: MARKET OVERVIEW: High Pressure Washers. To Work With A Clear Conscience

Video: MARKET OVERVIEW: High Pressure Washers. To Work With A Clear Conscience
Video: Top 5 BEST Pressure Washers (2020) 2023, December
MARKET OVERVIEW: High Pressure Washers. To Work With A Clear Conscience
MARKET OVERVIEW: High Pressure Washers. To Work With A Clear Conscience

If you are also interested in such a sink, let's not rush. First, let's see how the more serious devices designed for this are arranged, paying attention at least to such indicators as pressure, power consumption and water consumption. Then we will make a decision …


This review focuses on pressure washers. You can see them for yourself at any paid manual car wash. The principle of operation of the “washers” is simple. First, dirt is knocked down by a powerful jet of water created by such an apparatus, then the machine is washed with a sponge and shampoo, and then the foam is washed off. After this treatment, the car is wiped dry - and everyone is happy. True, recently a slightly different, more advanced washing technology has appeared, but … more on that later.

We will make a reservation: tying the appointment of high-pressure apparatuses only to a car wash is not entirely correct. Most of the buyers of household and semi-professional mini-sinks (there are no clear boundaries between them) are the owners of cottages and country houses who wash not only cars, but also walkways, facades, pools, garden furniture - but what else? But the so-called professional devices are more likely for business - guidance "marathon" in enterprises, in stores and, again, for car washes.


[caption id = "attachment_188844" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Household mini-wash K 2.56

Manufacturer - Ka..rcher

Estimated price - 3500 rubles.

Features - an asynchronous motor, a mud mill included in the standard kit, a handle and castors that facilitate transportation. All accessories, including hoses, storing "]


[/caption] [caption id = "attachment_188845" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Household mini-wash K 4.89

Manufacturer - Ka..rcher

Estimated price - $ 230

Features - a six-meter hose, a built-in container for "chemistry", an aluminum pump, a pressure regulator on the handle. A mud mill is included as standard.



[/caption] Today, prices for the simplest high-pressure apparatuses fluctuate around the $ 100 mark. For this money, manufacturers will offer the most simple and modest devices in the household series. Unlike professional and semi-professional sinks, they are not designed for long-term continuous use, cannot boast stunning performance and created pressure (the value of which is usually given in liters / hour and bars, respectively). They operate from a 220 V network and consume from about one and a half kilowatts and more. The water intake is primarily from the water supply, although many models are designed for a simple hose and a bucket of water. But the convenience of using such a “technology” will be minimal. Air that accidentally enters the hose will interfere with stability, not to mention that it will damage the unit itself. And you probably can’t get by with one bucket of water: you have to interrupt several times - it’s not very convenient. But if you raise the water tank to a small height (for summer residents, this usually comes down to a pathos barrel), then you can already have enough water to supply pressure and forget about all the inconveniences noted above.


The range of prices for these products is very large, and the question involuntarily arises: what are expensive better than "simpletons" and what are the fundamental differences between household, professional and semi-professional devices?

Let's start with a simple one. It is clear that knocking down mud with a strong pressure and a large amount of water is much easier and faster. Such characteristics as pressure and water flow are the main, although not the only ones. The emphasis only on indicators of maximum pressure is incorrect: productivity is no less important. Moreover, sometimes they indicate the maximum pressure measured when the pistol lever is not pressed or when using special nozzles, and this is not the same as the pressure during operation. In addition, cheap mini-sinks imply the presence of less durable and strong components in the design.

It is worth paying attention to the type of engine. In expensive models, this is the so-called asynchronous: it is easy to distinguish it both by its characteristic sound (it is less piercing and buzzing) and by the weight of the sink (on average more than 7 kg). In low-cost options - simple high-speed engines with gearboxes. The apparatuses are more serious, in addition, “trifles” are provided that increase the service life - shutdown when the pistol lever is released, more perfect water filtration, etc.

Convenience is an important factor affecting the duration of a wash and its quality. When buying, pay attention to the length of the high-pressure hose, the ease of its connection, the noise level, as well as the pressure regulator and the shape of the stream, wheels and even a carry handle (which is easier: to carry a 15-pound apparatus or wear?). We also mention the nozzles: all kinds of brushes, mud cutters, etc. They can be supplied both as a set and as additional equipment. The main thing is not to lose sight of compatibility.

We also note that among the expensive devices there are autonomous, running on gasoline, and even devices with water heating.


Recently, foam cleaning, or, as it is also called, non-contact washing, is gaining more and more popularity. The main advantage is emphasized in the name itself - contactless. The essence of the process boils down to the fact that a special foam is applied directly to the contaminated car, and it is removed with water. No manipulation of the sponge and shampoo is required. There is also time saving. But for a “real” contactless washing you will need an expensive apparatus with a foam set and a special injector, which forms a plentiful foam.

There is also a simpler option using cheap high-pressure apparatuses. Almost all of them are able to spray both shampoo and other “chemicals”, but, unfortunately, due to a different method of mixing (with water, not air!), Abundant foam will not work.


[caption id = "attachment_188846" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Household high pressure washer without heating TR 2 TSS

Manufacturer - SISTEMA

Estimated price - 250 Euro

Features - water pressure regulator, automatic start / stop.

Equipment: gun, two quick-detachable washing spears of various naz "]


[/caption] [caption id = "attachment_188848" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Professional washer Poseidon 2–28 XT

Manufacturer - Nilfisk-Alto (Germany)

Estimated price - 680 euros

Features - hose reel, water flow regulator, ceramic pistons, brass pump head, built-in tank for "chem"



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